Hello Kitty diamond necklace

  1. My mom let me pick out a piece of Hello Kitty jewelry while we were in Taiwan last Dec. She kept saying, "Do you want to take a look?" But I was hesitant because we were in the jewelery section of a Japanese department store, which is quite expensive! When I saw the prices of some pieces (like $800 bracelet) I was like, "lets go..." but she kept insisting that I look at more pieces. My mom had brought two ugly 24k necklaces that she could trade in so we only paid the difference of about $100. I was tempted to tell my mom that I don't need the chain b/c that alone was about $200. And then when I came back to the states it turns out that my piece is cheaper than the Kimora Lee Simmons stuff for Hello Kitty. Yay!
    HelloKitty1.jpg HelloKitty2.jpg
  2. Very cute. :smile:
  3. very nice!
  4. That's cute!
  5. So pretty....Do you mind saying what it retails for....
  6. So cute
  7. your necklace is so cute!
  8. So cute!!!
  9. That's such a sweet necklace.
  10. Love the HK!
  11. Awww, I love Hello Kitty. Your mom is great!
  12. It's such a dainty and pretty necklace, is that ur dog in ur avatar? It's so adorable!
  13. very cute.
  14. Very cute necklace!
  15. I LOVE it!! And I think it's cute than the Kimora Lee Simmons stuff. :smile: Who is the maker?