Hello Kitty Cashmere Cardigan 70% off

  1. thanks for the link, it's cute!
  2. darn I really wanted one!! only larges left....
  3. No scarves left either.:sad:
  4. Oh, thats really cute but only large is left
  5. really cute! if only i'm 10 years younger!!
  6. seriously, what would you say is the age limit for this cardigan... (i'm really stretching it, i know :sad:
  7. ^^^
    i'm stretching it as well...but whatever. i plan on wearing it around the house and out for errands in the winter with super dark jeans and uggs.
  8. Age limit---kinda too childish for an adult to wear.
  9. Hehe not me and I'm 21. I got mine for Christmas (this was my avatar for some time). Also, I suggest sizing up so even if you wear a medium, the large won't be too big since the buttons tend to have a bit of a gap.
  10. yeah, i figured i could get away with the large because of my boobs.

    it's soooooooooooooooooooo cute!
  11. Thanks, I love it!
  12. so cute and my size!! hmmmm....
  13. so cute, tnx for the link!!
  14. there is no age limit on cuteness! If you like it, wear it!