Hello Kitty at Bath & Body Works!!!

  1. I just saw the accessories and the beauty products on the bath and body works site....
    Here's the link to the page: Bath & Body Works

    I so love the crystal pave mirror...:nuts: :heart: :heart:

    But, even though I do love hello kitty, I am not so sure I want to smell like her though.... :s Here's the hello kitty fragrance...

    Here's the description from the site: "New! Hello Kitty, exclusively at Bath & Body Works. Since her debut over 30 years ago, this fashion icon has inspired fun-loving fashionistas of every age. As the personality behind our limited edition collection of cosmetics and accessories, we think she's the cat's meow. Kitty's Signature fragrance is a sparkling blend of tropical fruits, lush vanilla orchid and irresistible white chocolate. Comes in a beautiful keepsake gift box with a crystal Hello Kitty charm."
    But it sure does look pretty! :yes:
  2. What do you guys think??
  3. any opinions??
  4. :nuts: :love:
  5. I'm loving the crystal pave mirror too! But at $65 - I'm not really sure I'd get it since I don't really need another mirror since all my bbags come with one.

    It sure is cute for a mirror though!

    heehee.. I'm also loving the beaded evening bag. I actually have this from Sanrio from more than a decade ago. Even though I've never actually worn it because it's so small, I still keep it because it's SO darn cute!
  6. I saw the line at Christmas time, and picked up a little pink plastic mirror for my daughter. Although the items where very very cute, I thought they were over-priced.

    I wanted to buy her the crystal pave mirror, but I just thought 65.00 was too steep.
  7. very cute, way too expensive :sad:
  8. adorable! thanks for sharing!
  9. It's really cute.
  10. I also think the mirror is cute...thought of my daughter, but not at $65
  11. They have better mirrors at the sanrio store for better prices. I did see this stuff a few months ago, and I got aacute little pouch that's not pictured on the website. It's on my bag showcase page. I am dying to smell the perfume though!
  12. I want everything!
  13. I'd love the mirror but not for $65! i'm going to go check out the perfume though!! Thx for the info!!
  14. Adorable! I bet that perfume smells similar to the Juicy Couture one..it seems to have similar notes.
  15. wow, Hello Kitty is everywhere nowadays! the stuff is darling though, i want the crystal mirror and charm bracelet for myself!