Hello, just want to say that you guys motivate me to purchase my first Chanel handbag

  1. :smile: hello! I am new on this site and have been reading the posts and lightly commenting.

    I have been a fan of Chanel ever since I was a young girl when believe it or not my older brother got me a bottle of Chanel no.5 perfume (he is no good at gifts, I was only 10 lol)

    Anyway, I have been doing some light collecting. I have a brooch, two sunglasses, bucket hat, and wallet (pics coming soon if you would like to see them)

    I am currently saving up for a Classic medium flap. After reading these posts I see that my obsession with the high end brand is not psychotic, but common;). again thanks for the inspiration and hope to become a regular on this site!
  2. I'd love to see pictures of your collection!
  3. Hehe congrats on "taking the plunge"! Once you buy your first Chanel bag, you can't ever go back hehee... Can't wait to see pics!
  4. Yea, this forum made me go over the top crazy buying Chanel!! Congrats on your new stuff!
  5. Me too can't wait to see pics.....i'm also into chanel bags lately or wuld i say sometime back.....but got hooked into those chanel classic bags and hope to own every bag if possible....*LOL*

    That will be my big investment!
  6. pics coming soon, stay tuned guys

    celia_hish and omgsweet - who are those lovely little angels? lol
  7. Welcome! i would love to see a pic of your collection. And like people have said, once you buy your first chanel...then it constantly stays on your mind and you're thinking about the next one already even before you start using the first one. its addictive.
  8. Not to worry girl! We all have the same obsession here! Like retroflashes said, chanel is def. addictive.. :upsidedown:
    Do post your pics.! Can't wait to see everything!
  9. Welcome to the Chanel world...
    I second Roxana on the comment that Chanel is addictive. I kept saying, this is it, this is going to be my Chanel for a while. Before I know it, the next one was added to the 'family' then the next one, you get the picture...

    Please post pic when you have a chance
  10. Welcome - Chanel is like the Hotel California - once you check in you can never check out.

    Please post your collection - we love pictures.

    Congrats on your pending classic flap!!:yes:
  11. ahhh welcome to the Chanel forums.

    I would love to see your piccies.
  12. Welcome! Like you, I only did some light collecting, then I joined tPF in June and since then I've bought 3 purses and a wallet!
  13. Welcome :smile: Yes, Chanel is highly addictive! I'd love to see photos of your collection!