Hello,just a quick one!!

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  1. I saw this sported by Mrs Beckham,and I love it.I can't afford it right now,but does( what a silly start to a question,sorry ladies!) Which Hermes is it,color and leather type,so I can store it away for future reference!! Than you so much!!

    (Does anyone know what it is?!! Hahaha!! I should be shot for saying that in the midst of experts!! Doh!!)
  2. I'm no expert, but to me it appears to be a 42cm etoupe colored JPG(aka Shoulder Birkin) Birkin in togo or clemence with palladium hardware
  3. etoupe (color) clemence (leather) jpg shoulder birkin with palladium hardware
  4. that is about $9,400 before tax
  5. :yes: :lol: