Hello ! jack spade

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  1. hello all - bag prfessionals to I am not familiar with this brand jack spade but was given a expensive "looking " leather bag by jack spade as a gift when I googled and went on the website the prices vary so very much it's hard to make a guess on if it was on the cheaper or expensive end of the spectrum . it was not a gift so yes value matters it is not current as it is not on the website . I work in this field some perks are thrown my way often so I will probable eBay it or use myself I would like an idea of what I have first . more interested in just knowing how old and the price .
    Is jack spade a reputable name ? Popular ?
    any info is appreciated thanks so much

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  2. "Jack Spade" is Kate Spade's line for men. I don't think they are very expensive. Kate Spade used to be Liz Claiborne. I don't think you've got much except a nice freebie. Use it! It's a nice-looking bag.
  3. thanks so much I did notknow the name either it just looked pricey . it seems to be quality leather yet a fendi nylon bag is 1500$ I just do not get it ! thanks so muchit is a cool looking bag
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