hello! is there a pf logo we can add to eBay auctions, my page, etc??????

  1. Hello,

    I sincerely apologize for posting, but I wasn't really sure where to post this question. :yahoo:

    I would love to let everyone know I am apart of the Purse Forum...is there a PF logo or something we can add to our eBay auctions, eBay my page and so forth to let everyone know we are proud member's of this great forum?

    Thank you within advance for your assistance! best wishes
  2. I'd like to know the answer to this as well. I've seen one eBay listing that says they're a member of the tpf forum. No one would know what that was though, unless they had been here....
  3. i don't know if there is one, but personally, i don't think i would want to advertise it and i would still be cautious buying on ebay even if there was a logo on someone's page. it's easy to sign up and nobody really tracks what sells so fakes can still be sold by members.
  4. I don't have anything on my listings that says I'm a member, but I've come across a few that say they are a member and found out who they were and they just joined, or have never posted! I personally would not advertise it. I think if you are MPRS with My Poupette, that's a different story, but they have some pretty stringent guidelines that you have to go through to become MPRS.
  5. By the way...not a lot of people mention this, but you actually have to PAY a rather hefty annual fee to be a member of MyPoupette--MPRS. Not only that, but they want a copy of your drivers license, your phone bill and your social security number. Um, I don't THINK so.
    I sell nothing but authentic (and a hell of a lot of it at that) but I will rely on my own reputation, photos, and listings, thanks. I don't need them, and I certainly don't need to give them the kind of information they want in order bought a lot of expensive stuff for herself, declares herself an expert in like 2001, and has now made a cottage industry out of her so-called expertise.
  6. ^^^^^^^^VERY WELL PUT^^^^^^^^^^^
    I wouldn't pay them a dime. I know so many reputable sellers on eBay and they aren't MPRS.
  7. they want in order bought a lot of expensive stuff for herself, declares herself an expert in like 2001, and has now made a cottage industry out of her so-called expertise.[/quote]

    Hmm whats this part about? I know about mypoupette but I dont know much at all....but is it like one lady who created it and is asking for these "hefty fees" so she can pad her pockets?
  8. that is CRAZY...i would never give them that kind of inforamtion. They gotta be nuts but more loony are the people that actually do give them that info. They are not needed to sell on ebay
  9. Megs and I were just discussing this tonight. We will have tpf member badges ready for our members shortly. No badges that ensure authenticity, no membership fees, just fun graphics to show support and association to our community.
  10. Driver's license and SS? That's rich...
  11. Thanks Megs and Vlad!
  12. Hey beautiful basics, thanks for posting your question. I think this will be very nice to add to our auctions - of course, it is still buyer beware out there - if someone states that they are a PF member, you still need to find out their member name, and make sure they have a good rep on the purse forum, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, get the bag authenticated by the many kind girls and boys here! :smile:
  13. do you think that ppl might start abusing those badges and trying to make them synonymous with a seller selling only authentic bags?....i would hope not but assume it would happen...
  14. i dont think we have one but itd be sweet if we did. maybe we could only let ppl have them for people that send a request?? or make it so each person with so many posts can get their own...like with ur user id if you want ppl to know..or a general tPF badge i guess.
  15. That's so exciting. Thanks for doing this Vlad & Megs! I like the idea of a badge as a sign of support rather than for any business use....keeps the drama away while showing off this lovely community. :smile: