Hello...I'm not new, but check out this pic!

  1. Hello all-
    I've been here for awhile, but I could never post my photo or my bag collection b/c all of the files were too big and I wasn't sure how to reconfigure them. This is one of my latest photos. It's actually from a dance photo shoot, but I had to sneak in just one bag shot! It's the same as my avatar...just bigger. So, I suppose it's kind of an introduction.
  2. Hi!

    nice pic MandB
  3. OMG!!!!!!! WHAT A HOT PIC!!!!

    MandB - you are STEAMING!!! sizzzzzzzleeeeee. i love that pic!!
  4. Hi! That's a great pic--with the Fendi on top. The spy owners will love that. Glad you're here.
  5. Hey nice picture!:}
  6. that's an awesome photo!
  7. How cute is that???!!!

    I LOVE it! Great photo!
  8. Very nice pic, thanks for sharing!
  9. GREAT PHOTO!!! like an editorial photo from magazines :yes:
    here i put ur photo in bigger so people would be easier to see :p

  10. Love it! What a great shot. Thanks for sharing.
  11. what a cute idea. I might have to remember that one ;)
  12. You look like Sarah Jessica Parker - but prettier!
  13. Great picture.
  14. I like the picture!
  15. What a great photo and the look on your face is priceless! Thanks for sharing.