Hello, I'm new! :)

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  1. Hi everyone! I saw these boards a few weeks ago, and I decided to join today.

    Anyways, it's almost my birthday (woohoo!) and I think I'm going to get a coach purse. These are the ones I like, I just wanted someone else's opinion on them!

    Hamptons Weekend Scribble Top Handle Pouch

    Signature Demi Pouch (Khaki)

    I'm thinking about getting those two. (The only other Coach I have is a wallet, so I don't want to start out spending too much. :smile: ) I also like the signature Soho purses. Help! What do you think?
  2. Welcome. My first Coach item was a wallet and in less than a month I had bought myself a wristlet and purse. I'm obsessed now, it's so hard to break the addiction!!

    Those are both good choices. Are you looking for something to fit on your shoulder? The top handle pouch will be a bit snug. The demi would be perfect though!
  3. I agree with LaurenAshley - the top handle pouch will be tight on your shoulder, but is a great little bag for just carrying in your hand. I'm hoping to get that one when my "purse ban" is over! :smile:

    Those are both good choices.
  4. Welcome to TPF! :wlae:

    I vote for the demi. I think the scribble is too seasonal but the demi you can carry all year.
  5. Hi & welcome!
  6. Welcome to tPF Lauren. Happy early birthday too! :flowers: Btw, when is your birthday?
    Well, I love both the Scribble and the Sig Demi you are thinking about. Please post photo's when you get them. Congrats on joining us again. Just wait your Coach obsession will grow tremendously if you hang out here long enough! :yes:
  7. Hi and Welcome. I would go for the demi.
  8. get this

    Hamptons Weekend Scribble Top Handle Pouch it is so adorable
  9. welcome to tPF :smile:
  10. Welcome to TPF!
    I vote for the demi!
  11. I adore the scribble, and if you're good with having it on your hand, or resting by your elbow that would be a good choice. However, if you're more of a shoulder person, the demi is a good choice.
  12. I just for the life of me can't get into the scribble thing! I vote sig soho all the way with demi coming in second. I like the looks of a classic sig bag...I have found that even the sig stripe is on the borderline...people expect classic signature with coach!

    And part of the fun is having something people will recognize, although that's just all vanity, lol.
  13. :yes: I feel the same way. I LOVE all the signature stuff. I have a Watercolor wristlet that I absolutely adore but the only people who realize it's Coach are those who are collectors or actually work there. On the other hand, the quality of the bags are excellent, so regardles of what print is on it, if I like it I'll buy it right up.
  14. Welcome!