hello im new will you please answer

  1. Hello, my name is Helen. I have been saving up for a Louis Vuitton bag since 1995, im only a cleaner and do not have a large salary so it has took me this long to get the money together for my dream bag. I ahve a couple of questions before I buy a bag as I have never been in a Louis Vuitton shop before.
    I wanted to know, can you pay cash ?, do you have to have a credit card ?, do you have to have bought an item before and what are the Louis Vuitton shop staff like, will they put me down because im a cleaner ?. thankyou for your help, it is much appreciated.
  2. of course you can pay cash ( i think they only want a credit card if you are on a waiting list for a certain bag) Most LV staff are great(99%) , but sometimes you get someone on a bad day. you dont have to have had to buy an item before to go there, otherwise none of us would have any. lastly the only thing that matters is that you are buying a bag you have the money for, not what you do for a living. if it is something you are worried about you could always order off eLuxury.com and you wont have to go to the store. But it is an experience to go to the store, you've worked hard, enjoy it.
  3. I congragulate you on your effort- it'll be worth it! You can pay cash if you want, but you should be prepared to get a couple funny looks. If you do have a card, and since you've worked hard for a long time, your money will go farther if you order online at eluxury.com to save on sales tax (unless you live in CA, where you'll be charged anyway) It's a sad fact, but if you want to be treated with repect, you have a better chance of that happening if you dress nicer- you don't need to wear a gown, but wear something nice- if it comes down between a JCPenny skirt suit or a nice top and designer jeans, the latter will be better. Hope I've helped at least a little- Good luck!
  4. thankyou very much for your reply. I dont think that I can buy from eluxury as I live in the Uk. I will try my best to dress nice, should I buy a new suit ?. I just thought that paying with cash was better as I do not have a credit card. At the moment I have two jobs so I can get my dream bag. thanjyou again.
  5. My God, don't be afraid of the shop people, you are equal to them in every way! If they are a bit arrogant it's because they are insecure. Anyone who thinks they are above you is not even worth your time.
  6. You don't need a new suit. Buy it from Selfridges, you can wear what you like in that store. Keep saving, it'll be worth it if it makes you happy!
  7. oh no no no! I didn't mean you had to buy anything just to buy a bag- the salespeople work to help you and you shouldn't be intimidated by them- all I'm saying is that for better service, unfortunately, appearance often does matter.
  8. Congratulations on your near, future purchase. They do not need to know your occupation. Due research on the internet to know what you want to purchase and to familarize yourself with the different lines. Then, walk into the store with confidence and knowledge about the products.
    Have fun.....
  9. 100% great advice :biggrin: Better than mine-I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and create more worry than solutions. btw, do you have a bag in mind?
  10. :lol: My Denim Speedy was payed CASH! No funny looks at all :yes:

    @helen: Don't be afraid! You have the intention to buy sth. there and you worked hard for your money. IF the SA does treat you in a way you don't like - just go to another!
  11. hello, at first I wanted the speedy but now I would like the LV stamped GM. It looks very nice. Going into an LV shop sounds like a venture. thankyou for all your help
  12. you shouldnt dress up or down, when i bought my first louis vuitton i was in slouchy jeans and a tee i even had a scruffyish coat on because it kept me warmer, it was paris in feb and freeeeeezing!
    I also paid cash and it made no difference to how i got treated (i think lol)
    just go there and enjoy the experience of buying your bag and only buy it in a louis vuitton shop! you'll regret it otherwise, i recently bought a gucci in flannels not the gucci store and i regret it now because had i waited i could have got the whole gucci bag buying experience. It was still a brilliant experience but not the gucci experience (ive had it before but only with jewellery in store)

    Go for it, youve worked really hard good luck and let us know what you choose.! you should go for a classic one though if youve saved for this long :biggrin:
  13. Congrats on saving up to buy your first LV! I don't think they care what payment method you use, as long as you pay LOL. And I definitely don't think you need to buy something new to wear. They will help you no matter what you are wearing, that is their job. If they don't give you good service, like another member said, go somewhere that does! I always wear jeans when I go to LV. Good luck and have fun!
  14. I usually always pay in cash - I've seen people select their purchase and ask the sales assistant to wait whilst they run out to the bank to get the money. I never dress up to go to the boutique, you will find that most of the other customers in the store are wearing jeans or other casual clothes. I hope you have fun!
  15. I'm so excited for you! Nothing better than working hard for a dream bag! It will mean so much to you and you will always remember it!

    Go in with your head high and enjoy the entire experience! I hope you find the perfect SA an please post pix when you get her. :yes: