Hello, I'm new to this...

  1. whole Balenciaga handbag fascination. I don't own any as of yet, hopefully that won't be long, but I'm glad to have found a place with people whom won't mind sharing this fascination with me! :cutesy:
  2. welcome
  3. Welcome Starz:smile:
  4. welcome! :yes:
    and please make sure u'll post pics once u get ur 1st b bags :p
  5. Welcome, good luck with getting your first Bbag :smile:
  6. Welcome Starz! Once you get that first b-bag you'll discover how quickly fascination turns into addiction.:nuts: Good luck with your search for that first bag.
  7. Welcome to our little Baleciaga haven. And good luck looking for your first bag. If you decide to go the eBay route, please post the auctions in our Authenticate This thread so we can help you avoid getting scammed by someone who sells fakes! And if you're buying from a store, we're happy to help with style and color questions. Enjoy!
  8. welcome !! :smile:
  9. Welcome Starz.:welcome: :flowers:
    Let us help you with your first bbag purchase. :graucho:
  10. Thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes!
  11. Welcome Starz!