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  1. Hi GIRLS!!!!
    ive been checking you and your CLs out and I LOVE IT!!! this place is great!! and all you girls are TOOO CUTE!!!
    im sooo excited i found it but a lil nervous how much trouble im going to get in with a support group that supports my addiction!!! like so many of you i have a problem I LOVE SHOES & BAGS!!! and i loooooooooove my CLs!!! im working on my collection!! unfortunately i could never share my obsession before NO ONE understands and or thinks im nuts to save up or sacrifice just for some CLs!!! but its a passion and i just looooooooove wearing my red soles!!! Everyone is soooo cute with all their stories, traumas, dramas, questions, advice, and girlies desperately seeking CLs!!! its just what ive been looking for!! and just to let you know girls when theres something i want or am looking for I FIND IT!!! so if i can help anyone im here~!!!!!! and my addiction continues..... ill be in rehab soon!!
  2. welcome!! CLs are certainly a VEEERY dangerous addiction and we enable each other here :yes:
  3. Hey PINK! Great to meet ya! You will have a lot of fun here and get a lot of info and see some great shoes! Do share pics of your collection when you get a chance. We love seeing pictures!
  4. hiya,pink:amuse:
  5. hey welcome to the forum !
  6. Hi pink, welcome from your fellow CL obsessives.
  7. WELCOME Pink!!! :welcome: This is a great forum and definitely the BEST on tPF. Please take some pics of your CLs and your outfits. It is so much fun seeing our lovelies in actions. :woohoo:
  8. Hello and welcome.
  9. Hey Pink!!! Welcome! I agree this forum is the best!! Post some pics we love seeing them!!
  10. Welcome! This is a dangerous/I mean GREAT place!
  11. Hi Pink! It is great here! .... So much fun drooling over everyones CLs!!!
  12. Hello & welcome!
    Prepare yourself...this forum helps our addiction! I went from 2 pairs to 18?...I think its 18, ive lost count lol
  13. Hi, and welcome!!!!:welcome:
  14. It is fun to get everyone's experiences in one place, isn't it? This forum has been really helpful to me on my best days and worst. Yes, the shoes may be expensive, but the support and comradery you get here is priceless!

    Welcome! :flowers:
  15. Welcome!!!! Its very addicting!!! I went from 0 to now having 7 and 2 more on pre order LOL