Hello! I'm new to MJ bag and.....

  1. and I'm very interested in MJ bag. I saw some bags and I think they are nice. I just wonder if I wanna get one MJ bag which one I could go for? It is so good if you can post picss to me as I don't know anything about MJ bags but I wanna learn :boxing: .

    Anyone help me ,pls?

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. You should check the reference thread for pics of some bags...

    Classic bags include the Blake, Lg and Sm Multipocket, Elise, Venetia, and the discontinued Sophia and Stella.

    Quilted bags are available too, such as the Stam, Elise, Venetia, etc.

    MJ also makes seasonal styles, which are different from his classics.

    Take a look around, and have fun!
  3. and which one you recommend me ,pls? I need a bag which I can carry around for now til next 5 yrs?
  4. I really love the Sophia, Stella and Blake. I am really wanting to get a pocket satchel next. I believe it's a discontinued style, but I've seen some nice ones on e-bay. If your looking for something to carry for a while I would go with a Blake.
  5. Thank you Merraine for your respond and I will try to search for the models you have recommended.
  6. It really depends on how you like to carry your bags and how much stuff you put in it. Do you like big or small bags? Satchel style or shoulder?
  7. my favorites are:

    handheld: venetia
    shoulder: small multi pocket
    these pictures don't do the bags justice, but you get the idea :smile:

    to me, they're both classics and you can get them in sooooo many puuuurty colors :smile: did you have a color in mind?
  8. It helps to go to the reference library and look at pics.That way you can see all the styles and see what suits your lifestyle.