Hello, I'm New Here

  1. Are there any other handbag/fashion designers here? I see there are some very creative people at this forum! :yes:
  2. Welcome! There are other designers here indeed!

    I answered your question in the intro thread, but here it is again:
    My Twin is never too far behind!
  3. Hi, welcome.
  4. Actually I'm an attorney but I'm currently taking a jewelry design class, so we'll see how that goes...

    I love the Apollinaire quote btw.
  5. yippy! thank you, SwankyMamaof3! It will be good to meet other creative types from around the world!

    I see two. Is the third older or younger? (if that questionn is not too indiscret, of course!)
  6. Those are my 2 yr old twin boys, I also have a 5 yr old daughter ;)
    Any children for you?
    Tell us all about you, we're very nosy! LOL!

    Kidding, please tell us anything you like! ;)
  7. Serendipity, your name is my favorite word! Winternight, I love that! I was born to design, but became a stock broker! Art called me back again and I haven’t betrayed it again since! Just be true to your heart . Do you design hard wear for handbags by chance? I am always looking for new things. I love Jewelry, and I love that you love Apollinaire! What a nice place already. Thank you for the warm welcome!
  8. hi and welcome, you'll love it here! :yes: :biggrin:
  9. Swankymamaof3, I am a bit of a reluctant open book! I have three (or 4 if you count cats) fabulous children! Girl, boy, girl, and then little girl cat! The oldest will be 18 in only 10 days, how on earth did she get so old and I stayed so young?
  10. thanks RoseMary, I love your little angel!
  11. thanks! :flowers:
  12. Oh wow, I am actually a little heartbroken that my oldest is entering Kindergarten!
  13. hello, welcome.
  14. how sad. i know how you feel. i hated having to let go of my little girl. do they have to grow up and why? can't they stay small forever?
  15. So, um, let's see. I don't like talking much about myself, but, here goes! I was raised on a ranch in Colorado, moved to England, back to Georgia in the US not Russia, and then to Paris. I design a line of leather goods under my own label,which is oh so tiny, but I love. I just read a thread about my website! Yes, it needs help! HELP! I also design line of Aligator and Caimen for Vivian Mendal in New York (I love, love love them, and they know it), I am designing for someone who was referred by someone else here on the PF which brought me here, in the UAE! Thank you! And, I design for a clothing line which is based in San Antonio which will be showing during Paris Fashion Week in October; simply called; Odilia. So, I am busy as a bumble bee, and so happy to find this place! Thank you for your kindness already!