hello I'm new and thinking of getting my first chanel ever. Very exciting

  1. hiiiii

    how are you all? Hope this finds you in good health.

    I've narrowed my search down. Its between these two. Just one small problem. Dont know the style reference or its name.

    Will be grateful if you ladies can fill me in.


    PS. Does anyone know how big/small it is? Couldnt find the measurements anywhere? Can it be used as a day bag?
    new%20caviar.jpg chanel14.jpg
  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome to tPF! :smile:
  4. YAY!!!! I think Chanel can be use ANYTIME ANYWHERE!! Although I think most would consider it an evening bag.
  5. Those pics are both of the timeless classic tote. The first is with the old chain and the second is with the new chain.
  6. welcome and I love them both!!!
  7. I would definitely use that bag day and night. It's a versatile size.

    As for the style, I'm not 100% sure. I checked the reference library, and the closest matches are the Ritz and the Outdoor Ligne.
  8. lol Completely ignore my last post just now.
  9. love that bag ive been thinking of getting one of those before the price increase. anyone knows how much the classic tote currently retails ?
  10. Hi! Those are the classic totes and they run around $2300. To me, you can use the tote day and night.
  11. It's such a great bag! I keep seeing it at the stores. Like the rest of the timeless collection, I think it's good for both day and night.
  12. hi and welcome to tpf! both bags are beauties and would look great with a casual and dressier outfit! great choices!
  13. I have one of those with the classic chain at home. I'll measure it when I get home this evening. Although I don't have the style number, 'cos I tossed the box and the tag...
  14. Both of these bags are gorgeous although I prefer the first one. They can both be used as day bags for sure! I think you can use that style at any time of the day for any occasion. Welcome to tPF and keep us updated!
  15. I like this bag, but I would choose the old chain. Either way it's a very pretty bag, and it looks like it could hold a lot too.