Hello! I'm back from my vaca and I missed you all!!!

  1. I had a great time!! It's going to take me 10 years to catch up on all these posts! So which one of you is in love with my dog???:heart::heart::heart:
  2. Me first Shewolfy :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: Welcome back we missed you!! and I do love you dog, bet you missed him!
  3. No way! He is such a pain in my &%$! I missed my little fat baby boy though..
  4. Oh so it was just a mommy daddy vaca. ?!! How nice, no?! :graucho::graucho::graucho:

  5. Well, you give that chubby little bubba kisses from Kooba-Land. I'm off to beddie-bye--until tomorrow.........:angel::angel:
  6. No, we brought our 3 year old along. Mostly it was good, but when she's bad, she can be REAL bad....:cursing:

    Overall it was nice to get away..
  7. So posk51, please fill me in on any new purchases?!?
  8. Welcome back, Shewolfy!Hope you had a wonderful time away from all the kooba hubub.Personally, since you've been gone, I've only purchased 2, the Cognac Marcelle & the Black Claudia. Love them both, btw.I think everyone else was using a great deal of restraint in buying, but you'll just have to wait till they wake up and respond!
  9. Welcome back...:beach:
  10. Glad to see your back. Hope you had a wonderful time. Now lets get down to some serious Kooba time.
  11. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!:party::party::party:
  12. Welcome back ! We missed you :smile:
  13. Welcome back, hope you had a fab vacation. Now don't tell me you found a Kooba outlet in Maui?!!!

    As for Kooba purchases.... well, I bought a black Ginger and almost got a cognac Lucy, (unfortunately the seller found it had a patch on it that she hadn't spotted before, so that was mega disappointing as she cancelled the eBay transaction). I received my toffee Marcelle and black Lucy. Two gorgeous bags, although I'm not sure whether I will keep the Marcelle or not. The style seems a little fussy for me, but I'll give it time and see if it works since it's very pretty and I do love the color.

    Pixie the Cat had to be treated for a urine infection and needed teeth cleaning so $500 went on that... instead of bags!

    You missed out on a brand new Metallic Army Scarlett that sold BIN on eBay for $155. That must have been the deal of the week!
  14. Welcome back!
  15. hee-hee, well....I was good. Just a Sloan in bark, Cassandra in black, a Thickskin bag (thanks bagachrondiac!) and I'm still waiting for Scarlett from eBay. That will be IT for a while!!!!!!! unless of course a Lucy in black comes along!!! I lost TWO this week!!!!!!!!!