Hello!!!! I'm a newbie!

  1. I'm new here! LV addict referred me. She's a sweetheart! I love LV so I think I'm in the right place!!! Anyways, I bought my first LV in 2003 and it was the Cherry Blossom pochette and since then I have been hooked. So happy to be on here!
  2. Welcome! I am fairly new, too, and everyone has been really nice. Caution: This site is addictive!
  3. Welcome!
  4. HELLO, dear! Nice to see you on this site!!!
  5. Welcome, fellow LV lover ! ;)
  6. Yesss!!! This place is real addictive. Thanks to Megs & Vlad. :nuts:
  7. yyyyyyyyyyyyes, thanks
  8. Welcome!! You'll love it here! :biggrin:
  9. Once you're here, you'll never leave, trust me! :lol: Welcome and look forward to chattin' w/ ya!
  10. I only found this place a few weeks ago...and am SERIOUSLY ADDICTED! Welcome!