Hello, I'm a newbie

  1. Hello everyone and Happy New Year

    I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of days and thought I'd take the plunge and join. Have only recently discovered the delights of Mulberrys and am still deciding which ones I want to buy! Like some other people I was a bit disappointed with the sale. There are a couple on there that I quite like but I'm going to try and find them locally so I can see them "in the flesh" first. How long will the online sale last?
  2. Well hello there!!! You will find us a very helpful bunch if you want to ask questions!!! From what I've seen of everyones sale grabs and Christmas reveals I think the whole Mulberry collection is well covered!! So you will get the best of advice for wearability,usefullness thoughts on colors and leather types etc!!
    And watch it we're a wicked bunch of enablers!! And we'll also share your joy when you get your first,and all the rest!! Hahaha!!
    I think all thats required on this forum is a good sense of humour!! But welcome,and we'll help you settle right in!!!xxxx
  3. Happy New Year and welcome to the fun Dolly!!! Since I'm in the US, you will need to find out from the experts about the sale!! I, too just discovered Mulberry and am looking forward to my 2nd bag!!! Anyway, have fun here, everyone is sooooo nice here!!!
  4. Welcome Dolly,

    Not sure how long the sales last, til they sell out of everything at a guess :shrugs: still everyone here is so friendly feel free to get stuck in :tup:
  5. Hello and welcome to the mulberry madhouse!!! What Mulberries have caught your eye? Personally I'm a sucker for anything in the natural leather (or Darwin as it was called!)
  6. Welcome,its a great start to the New Year joining the mulberry forum...hope you have lots of fun.
  7. Hey there. Welcome to the mulberry enabler's clubhouse! Good luck picking out what to buy.
  8. Thanks everyone for such a friendly welcome.
    The problem is I'm so used to wearing my bags across the body that I find these short shoulder straps a bit awkward to manage. I was dithering in House of Fraser for ages the other day between the Oxford and the Fleet (they didn't have much choice as I'd left it a bit late before going into town.)I almost bought an Annie in black off the Mulberry website last night but lost my nerve at the last minute and, of course, am now kicking myself.
    Hoping to get into Harrogate tomorrow to see what Hoopers have left - if anything!

  9. If you look at the messenger bags they do some really nice cross-body bags too!
  10. I love the oxford and had one in my basket in sale and lost it gutted. does that they will be in the outlets now or do they just vanish?
  11. OOO,there is a Hoopers in Wilmslow near me, Sarajane if you catch this give them a try too!!! Its Wilmslow in Cheshire if you call directory enquiries!!!

    Sorry Dolly,hijacking your very first thread!!!
  12. No they carry on making past season bags for the outlets,you can still get Blenhiems from the outlets along with a few other styles that they don't want to stop as there is still a market for them.

    But they want to keep ther image fresh by updating their new season stuff and keep up with the market place trends and keep in the forefront of fashions etc.
  13. do u think this will be the case with the oxford??
  14. It is a nice bag so I really can't see why not,I have seen some styles in the outlets that I have never heard of,let alone seen before,and the mangeress will say they were out such and such years ago and they are still going strong!!! If you can ever get to speak to her,she's called Sally,she's been with Mulberry 12 years and she's very,very nice and is so well informed!!
  15. There's one on eBay at the moment, I asked her what the reserve is in the unlikely event it's lower than HoF's price which is the same as on the Mulberry website. No reply so far.