hello!! i want a paddy in white ..or muscade??

  1. hello !i am italian and iwill get married on 7 july..i am so excited :yahoo:...i am new to this forum and i decided to subscribe even if my english is not so good:sad:...but i have a passion for chloe paddington bags...i already got an argent 2006 colour mini purchased at net-a-porter.com....now i would like to but a new one....but i am confused regarding colour and size...
    i love paddington in new colour blanc do you think it becomes dirty soon?? many thanks for your answers kisses from italy!!
  2. There is a "white" or maybe beige:confused1: medium paddy on Diabro.net. It's called, "nuage" and I have NO idea what that means in Italian....maybe you can translate? In any case, it has silver hardware, which is a change from the whites I've seen with the brass colored hardware. It looks very pretty. I haven't seen any "muscade" around lately, except for on NAP and it was not on sale...welcome to the forum...and your English is a lot better than my Italian! :tup:
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    Personally~ I like the muscade more than white. However, get the one you really like. Chloe leather does not get dirt very easily.​
  4. Ah welcome :nuts:

    and congrat:smile:

    Personally I prefer the colour muscade better than white...:yes:
  5. ;)HI !! thanks for replying so fast .... i have seen the one on diabro.net..the problem is that italian customs are very restrictive and they apply 40% of customs of the declared value of bag(for merchandise coming from usa!!! )so i would prefer to buy it from europe ... luisaviaroma had the white on 30% off but as soon as i looked at it it was just sold out!!i can't find the muscade on net-a-porter.com ,just the blanc....anyway thanks again i am happy to be here this is a fabolous forum for every bag addicted!!!
    ps when i 'll come back from my honeymoon i will try to find it in milan...there are a lot of chloe stores there!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  6. Diabro comes from Japan and they declare the bag for as low as you like (and are comfortable with)
  7. congratulations! and your English is fine :smile: welcome to TPF!
  8. :yahoo:wwoooww i didn't know it!! i was wondering why prices are lower than other webistes...maybe are bags defected?many thanks
  9. :blush:thank you very much!!!
  10. Hi chloeglamour

    Diabro's bags are all brand new and in immaculate condition.

    ... if you want an opinion on colour, I think the muscade is gorgeous and versatile; I recommend the muscade every time! Dollygirl is right, though, it takes a bit of effort to dirty chloe leather, so you shouldn't be concerned about buying a white paddington - it will be fine!

    And beanie - "nuage" is french for "cloud!" :flowers:
  11. hi i_wona!i would buy both if i would have enough money:crybaby:i love the new colour nuage too:tup:it is a superb colour even if i didn't see it in store yet...i have seen on net-a-porter the nutmeg and white are both available now....
  12. Many thanks:smile: I was wondering about that...My high school french was atrocious! (That explains the color:smile::tup:
  13. Hi Chloeglamour, welcome to TPF!!! :dothewave:
    Personally I like the muscade mini paddy more, but I'm biased since I have one myself. :p You can't go wrong with either of them!!
  15. I would say muscade too. But it depends on your wardrobe. I have a choco that I adore and wear a lot as well as a 06 blanc (ivory) which I equally adore because it's so elegant but havn't actually used it at all and it sits in it's dustbag. Now that's probably because I got a true white as well that gets used a lot.:p

    So it all depends