Hello, I am tink and I am a nail polish addict...

  1. I was in Ulta the other day and picked up 4 new Opi polishes, as I was putting them away, I realized I am a polish addict, I have over 50 bottles of polish, mainly opi but others too....anyone else?
  2. LOL Tink I loooove OPI nailpolish as well!! What is your fav shade?
  3. Oh yeah, you are normal! LOL I have a ton of bottles at least 50 and I hate myself for it. I have my few faves and the others I rarely or have NEVER used! I had to finally just stop myself from looking at them because if I do I would buy!!
  4. hehe I adore nail polish too! as I notice most all women collect loads of nail polish..it always comes in handy ^_^
  5. Omg me too. It's like I get some enjoyment out of COLLECTING colors. I mostly just buy OPI - and some colors I've never even worn - I just buy them!
  6. Me and my mom buy new ones all the time. We've been doing our nails for like 3 years now and we've used all the colors at the salon. It got annoying so we just started buying our own. We have like this basket just full of colors. Probably close to like a 100.
  7. I am so glad to hear I am not alone!

    Yes, I always bring my own to the salon too!
  8. LOL tink, in my endless quest for that Perfect Color, I tend to amass lots of bottles that I use once or twice and then put away, since they are not the Perfect Color!

    Every once in a while, when we have family members over, I will go get my plastic shoebox and ask people to do me a favor and please take anything they think they can use.

    What they leave goes into yet another box, and when that gets full, I put it in my Blessing Bag, which goes to an organization in my community that helps ladies who are liberating themselves from abusive situations. They are always glad to get clothing, books, whatever you've got, as many times the ladies are starting over from scratch, and have nothing at all.

    I like to think that each box will contain what will be the Perfect Color for somebody, maybe more than one!
  9. I'm here with ya! I just purchased over 10 bottles of OPI online!! I'm aTOTAL ADDICT!
  10. Do you ever get people asking you the name and where you got it? :confused1: I do all the time. :shame:
  11. At last count I had about 100, mostly opi and essie. Its quite ridiculous.
  12. I just put this on the black satin thread...but thought it belonged here too....yes, on the wait list for black satin chanel....a wait list for polish....lol!
  13. I love essie polish, but i find i am buying more polish than i am using.
  14. I love OPI and I love nail polsih!!! You're not alone!!!!