Hello, I am new to this forum, can you help me find this bag?

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  1. [​IMG]
    The bag is sitting on the shoudler strap...you can see it attached to either side of the bag. Similar to the strap on a Balenciaga. Hope this helps!
  2. In doing my detective work, in the trailer, she looks like she is holding that bag with her hand for the strap is quite wide. I have narrow shoulders too and when you watch the previews it is so pretty with the white top. I wondered if it indeed was the same bag since the picture looks like shorter straps.All that I know is I WANT IT!!! I think it is going to be released in July. Thanks!!!
  3. Thank you Deb, very much for the information!!!
  4. I can see the strap that you mean under the actual bag from NM, but it does seems thinner than the very wide strap that Katherine has on her shoulder, and it is one thick strap. The picture is cut off, but I do not see any little satchel straps hanging down. Thank goodness it is Wednesday and the movie opens on Friday. We can all go and take a look at it..a careful look. LOL and see a cute movie as well!! :idea:
  5. Hi Deb,
    I called Kooba today in LA and spoke to a Customer Representative. They said they best source would be to ask "In Style" Magazine which only has an email address. I did that a few days ago. No answer so far. Kooba has absolutely no press pictures of that bag for that movie. She also said that sometimes when a movie is made they use a less expensive bag for the movie than the high end designer bag. I am back just where I started. She said the Harper bag due to be released in July but does not have a wide strap from her sketch. I had also loved the Sienna bag that Sienna Miller carried in the beige, but wanted a smaller, bit lighter bag for me. I am a true novice on this site. I have many Coach bags but no Kooba as yet......working on it. I simply love the look of it, for it reminds me of my great old leather bags..when I went to college.
  6. Wow, guess we'll just have to wait until it actually comes out in stores to see it then. I know either Instyle or Lucky Mag pictured a Furla bag last fall that everyone went completely nuts over but no one could find. After calling and emailing every Furla retailer in the US for days I was finally told that the pic was of a discontinued Furla bag from the year prior. :cursing: The girl I finally spoke with said they had gotten thousands of inquiries on that bag all because of the pic in the magazine! LOL! Oh well....if you can't get your hands on that particular one and you still want a light weight bag with a wide shoulder strap I would highly recommend a Balenciaga City or Twiggy....very much in the style your longing for IMO. (Sorry to post about Bals in the Kooba section :rolleyes:!) I would go into the Bal forum and do some research...there's a ton of great pics and info in there, and some really friendly helpful Bal lovers (myself included). I've posted a pic of my Bal Twiggies just to give you a reference of the style. I have a City on the way but it's not here yet. It's hard to see the wide shoulder strap in the first group pic but in the second one you can see the shoulder strap more clearly. HTH!! Good luck!! :heart:

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  7. They are very beautiful. I need to save for those more than even a Kooba. Thanks for the info . I will definitely check into it. Isn't that the motorcyle bag that Sienna Miller carries around besides the Sienna bag? I had wanted the Beige one so badly. I wonder where the other member I just glanced at got it? NM? Thought they were sold out totally? I am going to that movie tomorrow night. although I was sitting on my closet floor last night and DH stepped hard on my toe. I think it is broken. AGGGGGGH. But they do nothing for that...at all. I know I hold the world's record in toes...broken almost 10..in 3 years...LOL
  8. I I am laughing for I wrote to Universal Studios a few days ago and asked for the costumer's address and someone answered me and said they could not do that, but they too sent me this link but also said they were not sure the products were accurate or substitutions. The Harper bag is not on this link as In Style. but, there are some very cute and affordable bags there. I do not know if they are actually in the film. You are so sweet to find that link for me. But they do not look like the pic I see in the magazine. In only one hour, I am going to be in that theater, watching that movie on a rainy Florida night. My husband is going nuts, for I printed out pics of the bags on this link. lol. I am trying to figure out exactly what she is carrying in the picture in In Style...Cannot go unprepared...can I? LOL Thanks so much. . If nothing else, it is supposed to be a very funny movie. Thanks so much!!!!!! ;)
  9. Hello, actually the movie "Knocked Up" besides looking at a lovely Katheryn Heigl was very disappointing from bags to the actual movie, which was not funny in my opinion and there was no real Kooba bag in sight. Actually there was some type of a black studded hobo bag and only one brown bag , not more of the many bags suggested in "StarStyle" by one of you lovely ladies or the studio. The bag in the picture in "IN STYLE" and on the screen throughout the movie drove me nuts for it seemed to be an etched western style (from what I could see) wide strap, small vintage type bag with tassels that looked like something from the hippie era... nothing like anything familiar to me, certainly not a Kooba. Very disappointing on all ends. The closest bag to it is a "roots" bag which is made in Canada, very vintage leather with tassels..anyone every hear of that brand? Disappointing..had to eat a Big Mac and a chocolate bar afterwards....LOL.
  10. Hubby and I saw it today and loved it. We thought it was very funny but touching too. There was some base adolescent humor that could be considered quite crude but the 2 main actors were so good. I did see that studded bag she was carrying. From the front it looked kinda like a Betsy Johnson Good Girl Hobo but with studs. No big deal to me. I can't say I saw any Koobas.
  11. How about Junior Drake? They so a lot of Southwestern themed bags

    I actually bought this bag on sale from Nordstroms in the Rust color, but had to return it because it was damaged - I really liked it though. Extremely soft leather and very unusual silk lining.

  12. That is very pretty. I actually ordered the "Roots Tribe leather medium Emily on Sale in La that they had listed on Star Style, a distressed leather. Roots.com for 129.00. It has tassels and side pockets. It was not used in this movie, but it is an adjustable sporty, jeans type distressed leather made especially for Roots. Check it out...I opted not to go with the Prince leather, shiny. too much like what I own. By the way what is the lightest kooba bag to be worn on the shoulder. I was looking on ebay and they had a buy, an Etched Sienna bag that I liked in a brown shade but was afraid it was not authentic. Thanks!!!
  13. I have no idea what that bag was, it did say it came from the Santee Alley Market place. I just liked the wide strap and her clothes in general, especially that lovely peasant top. I was so frustrated that I settled on a distressed Roots Tribe bag that they had mentioned and it was on sale in an LA boutique. Roots. com. As far as the humor went, some parts were funny , but some parts were indeed college animal house crude,....and I am no prude..but the best part if that did touch me is the changes he made just to love her and that if you look past the flaws in people, they can sometimes be very special...Thanks, glad you liked it...!!!!!
  14. Has anyone found this bag yet? I just happened upon this thread and I saw that bag. I love it, too. I am going to be going to the Santee Alley today and I will take a look around and report back. Not sure if anyone is still looking for it.