Hello, I am new to this forum, can you help me find this bag?

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  1. Hi
    I love Kooba, but usually cannot find a style that suits me, I just saw katherine Heigl in the June issue of In style on page 244 carrying a brown shoulder bag. I have also seen it in the previews of the new movie "Knocked Up' to be released soon . The bag looks like a shoulder bag and says it is from Santee Market, which I seem to know nothing about, but it is not a store, sort of a market outdoors. And yet, next to it is pictured a Kooba bag called the Harper bag in Cuoio color listed at $545.00. Along with the bag are similar items for her look. The bag does not look the same to me. It is not listed anywhere with Kooba or on the Neiman Marcus site as suggested. It also does not look like it goes over her shoulder as in the movie. Does anyone know if it is the same bag and if this bag is new or her own Santee market find and Kooba is similar? Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Rainbow..

    I believe the Harper comes from the 'on the way' fall/autumn range. It isnt available to buy yet but will be soon.
    Hopefully by september you will be able to get your hands on it. :yes:
  3. Thanks a lot, it really looks cute..I called Kooba and that is exactly what they told me, but she did not know if it would fit over the shoulder as in the movie bag...for the larger one is called "the jackie" Thank you...!!
  4. This bag says it comes from the Santee Market in LA which has lots of boutiques and in the trailer of the movie..it seems a lot longer. Next to it is a picture of that harper kooba bag, it does not look like the same strap or longer bag over the shoulder. Anyone see in style or the trailer? Thanks!!1
  5. Here's the pics that Rainbow's talking about. I don't know anything about Santee Alley, but maybe you can call them and find out what brands they carry (?)

    Maybe that bag's no longer available and I think the Kooba bag is similar so that's why they show it. Maybe someone else knows who makes the bag that she's actually carrying.

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  6. I spoke to a lady that has the bag and jewelry boutique in my hair salon today, and she said that Santee Alley is wonderful, it is full of boutiques and shops all over. It would be hard to figure out exactly what bag that is that Katherine is carrying in this pic. I agree that the Kooba Harper is not the same bag, for hers is a shoulder bag, but is similar in color and we don't know what it is exactly. Since the movie opens June 1st. I am going to study it. I was so obsessed that I bought a cute whiskey colored bag at the boutique similar to the look and a white shirt. The bag was on sale by Steve Madden and very pretty but not the real deal....now I am so frustrated a need a chocolate bar...I want that bag......sob....
  7. This is really a longshot.....
    I wonder if you can contact the production company that made the movie? Maybe they can put you contact with the props/costume department or something. I mean, it probably wouldn't be easy, but it might be possible.
  8. Ladie I dont know all that much about Kooba bags but I do know about the Santee Alley. The Santee Alley is a alley in the LA garmet district dedicated to fakes knockoffs and cheap items. I know for a fact that nothing in the aley sells for more than $50. I have never been to New York but I imagine it to be a kind-of seedier version of Canal Street.
  9. I betcha the Harper bag is a new Fall bag. Those stars are always getting freebies on the new bags. Looks alot like the Botkier Sasha....not lovin it here.
  10. Too funny, I've been trying to find that bag since I saw it in InStyle too If you find it, let me know
  11. I knew there would be a rush on it, As far as I know, Kooba knew nothing about it, for I called NY and spoke actually to the lady that does press. She said that sometimes they release a new bag for a movie and what is pictured at the right, the Harper is not actually the bag katherine is wearing at all like the other clothes on the right.similar but not the same as the picture on the left. .I will keep looking . I love the bag in the movie on the trailers. It does not look like the Harper..The strap is longer to me. What do you think? The harper looks like it has two straps. I am going to see that darn movie Friday and study it. LOL Let's investigate it, shall we?
  13. I did not think it was the Harper when I investigated it...at all..it does not look the same..thanks!!!
  14. I am way ahead of you..it is not easy to reach the costumer...I kind of think they wanted her to have that vintage look and found something at Santee Alley ( which I know absolutely nothing about) and they are Comparing it to a Kooba bag that is not out as yet...what do you think?
  15. I think it is the same bag...if you look closer you can see the shoulder strap, in addition to the satchel style handles. The longer strap is definitely visible though. Gorgeous bag! I just saw it in Instyle as well and went on nm.com to see if I could find it. Let me know if you track it down! :tup: