Hello Hermes Earthlings, I come in Peace...

  1. :p Some of you may have never seen me around (I am not new, but to Hermes, I am).........I lurk around posting a little at a time and taking it slow, cause I am trying to save up for my Damier Speedy 25, but you ladies make me wanna buy a Hermes Scarf (That's not too hard to believe, because I want everything that you guys have)

    (and yes, I AM another LV lover fighting the force and coming over to the Orange Side)


    I am loking for a scarf (priced appropriatley,:push: :yucky: :hysteric: because I am almost dry out of money...:rolleyes: ) Perhaps a Twilly to hang off my bags in a bright color, like Red, Orange, or Green (I :heart: pastels, but I want some color in my life). This is going to be my first ever Hermes purchase, and remember to keep it low "key" because I am only 12 (:wtf: shocker, I know) :shame: Thanks!!
  2. I never saw that on the Hermes website! I like the Pochette!! Rose, your kelly is so pretty!!
  3. ^^ I finished my biology homework already, and my evil math teacher gave us a break, so I am free!! :yahoo: LOL
  4. ^^^^ You sound like my daughter
  5. hehehehe!! lol............I luv school and bags!!
  6. now you people have turned me into an ORANGE MONSTER (A very fashionable monster indeed)
  7. anybody else?
  8. I agree with Rose, I love the idea of a pocket square /pochette for you, in some bright colors because you can both tie it on your neck and on a bag (tight please, silk tends to be slippy). Or maybe if you don't like that idea or if you want a different shape you could choose a twilly because you can tie it in your hair (think pony tail or just to pull your hair back), you can wear it on your neck alone or to hang a pendant, and if you are veeeery tiny you may use it as a belt on your jeans as well.

    And eeeehhhhh yes you are a bit insane, but if that's your nature there's no hope. I stated at barely 15 (well...actually that was a while ago)
  9. I really like Ninja Sue's 25 cm Birkin.........does anybody have an estimate of the price and how much it holds?

  10. i am an ant compared to most of my friends..........4 ft 5 inches, 60-70 pounds
  11. very focused for a 12 year old.... it took me 25 years whereas it took you 12..I hope you find something real soon.

    here's a twilly---i know its blue but this is a good place to start :smile:

  12. ^^ how cute is that little twilly?? I love the blue!!
  13. Well, as you see that has posive sides :yes: . I don't know exactly how long a twilly is, but I'm sure somebody here will be able to tell you.