hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!

  1. hi im new and need some help!! the reason ive joined is that ive just bought my first "expensive" handbag and would love the matching purse and im having trouble tracking it down.my bag is a mulberry shoulder bag called araline in a soft red colour and ive seen the purse in a peachy colour on eBay but would love it in the red.can anyone help me?? thanks paulaxx:yes:
  2. Paula

    Welcome to what will become your second home! I am not really up on Mulberry but I am sure someone on here will be able to enlighten you. Have you tried calling round some of the Mulberry Stores? Where are you based about?
  3. hi im in epsom in surrey.i think the bag is last season as i bought it in the sale.ive checked the mulberry website but nothing!!
  4. There is a Mulberry store in Edinburgh - its quite a big one and they have a sale on - it may be worth checking there as I know a number of members have been lucky there in the past.

    Good luck and I am sure the people on here will keep their eyes open for you

    Do you have a pic of it at all that could help us in our search?
  5. hmmmm could get one but will have to ask hubbie as not great on the computer!!! the purse is plain with a big tassell on the zipper and the colour is a light soft red
  6. have you searched eBay (prob a stupid question I know)
  7. yes found one on eBay(didnt know before they did a purse that matched!!!) but its the wrong colour now im on a mad mission trying to find one!! px
  8. if you have that link then Paula that would help as we could at least see it and help find the colour. If you still have that auction just go to the top tool bar and hightlight the link and do a ctrl c and the ctrl v into the posting here
  9. Welcome, good luck in your search :smile: