Hello! help pls.

  1. Hi eveyone in the BV forum? Today I saw some really lovely Pink BV wallet and I want one. The question is I think the leather lining inside the wallet will be a type of leather which can peel of. It is like lining leather inside the old model of gucci wallet.

    Anyone own the BV wallet? and does the lining inside ( I saw it is a cream color lining inside the coin compartment) is easy to peel off.

    Thanks in advance for the reply.
  2. Hi, Vicky,

    Welcome! I have two pink BV wallets and so far (I have only been using one of them for a month or so), there is no peeling problem. I'm not familiar with any Gucci wallets, so I can't compare. Is it a fragile type of finish on it that peels off?

    I'm not sure if that helped you. Maybe someone who has been using a BV wallet long-term will chime in. As far as I know, no one here has mentioned peeling linings.
  3. Several members here have BV wallets and I hope they tell you how their wallets are holding up. I've been using mine everyday for over a year--a lot of use--and nothing is peeling or coming undone. It shows almost no wear at all. I'm unfamiliar with Gucci wallets so I can't compare to them.