Hello & Hello

  1. Hello and Good Morning.
    This is my first post after hiding behind the forum for a few weeks reading this Hermes "encyclopedia". Thank you all for the information and I have learned so much here :yes:

    Hello and Good Morning,
    This is my first public appearance after leaving the Hermes boutique. I'm born 2007. This is me!
  2. Welcome!! What's in the box????
  3. Welcome! Now what goody did you get?!
  4. Coming...
  5. Ooh Ooh...what is it?!
  6. yes what is it? :smile: come on...... hurry ....:smile:
  7. Lindy?
  8. I am waiting!!!
  9. lol! c'mon! show us what its that box pretty please???
  10. cant wait to see what's in the box!!!

    welcome to the orange side!
  11. wow..interesting first appearance! welcome! and show us the beauty!
  12. Please insert smiley eating popcorn here!
  13. becoming inpatient :smile:
  14. :popcorn:
  15. :drinks:please please SHOW US!!!:graucho: