Hello gorgeous...

  1. Who's going to be the lucky one to take this beauty home? I would but I think it'd turn grey in a heartbeat!
    Cream MAM on the 'bay.
  2. not me...my kids would have it brown by the end of the first day lol
  3. ^ I noticed that the seller bought the bags from Bluefly and offload them on eBay? The cream MAM and the black/blue stamp MAM. Just a thought.
  4. Ooh, I didn't know that weN84! I don't see the black/blue stamped MAM anymore though.

  5. I don't really mind the fact that they buy them on sale and put them on eBay. I do that with random things that I find sometimes too. As long as the seller is not doing something like our good friend haute okole, and her "UNBELIEVABLE DEAL on Rebecca Minkoff! PICTURES!" then i don't have a problem with it. I wouldn't mind paying a few extra dollars for something that I missed during a sale

    But back to the subject, that is a gorgeous colour!! I fear i would get it dirty within minutes tho! Also didn't see it during the bluefly sale. .. =/ oh well. I am satisfied with my sage and black/blue stamp Mam =)
  6. It is still there. Here's a link. One would overlook due to the title of the listing.


    Which btw, I do a inventory check on the 'bay every so often :p Yes, it's an obsession to hunt down THE bag. :shame:
  7. I love that cream MAM, its a super classy color for that bag! What's this about Bluefly though? Are you sure?? Was the cream on bluefly too?
  8. Yeap, the cream was on Bluefly. Read here. ;)
  9. Strange that she doesn't take her own pics of the bag, though. Only steals them from Bluefly and Active Endeavors!
  10. ^ If the seller did purchase it from Bluefly, I doubt the bag would have arrived so quickly but why not put the listing up since it'll be up for 7 days and the bags would arrive by then, no? I'm purely speculating but that's my gut feeling bout it.
  11. As long as the stuff is legit (authentic, not stolen, etc), selling on eB*y is fine. (We all know that sometimes you need to be in the right place and the right time to score a certain bag or a certain price.) BUT, the seller should always include pics of the ACTUAL bag for sale, not just stock photos. AND, the seller should not backhandedly advertise/promote their listings on sites such as this one.
  12. I just feel they should have the actual bag in hand and be able to take pics so the buyer will know what they're actually getting. I have no problem with them using one or 2 stock photos, just not ALL.
  13. Someone should ask for an "actual" photo of the bag.
  14. TPF gals are hardcore! Im glad I canceled my Ebay account! Im scared at what you ladies might have been thinking! Like, loook, look at her selling that bag! GASP! I saw that at Shopbop for $25 dollars less! Oh uhuh! LOL
  15. Nevah!!!!!!