Hello, Gorgeous! PEWTER Elisha on NM! WOW!!!

  1. This is so gorgeous that I am speechless! I am absolutely floored by this bag!!!

    Pewter Elisha at Neiman Marcus

    Picture 1.jpg
  2. Oh my! That is STUNNING!!!!

  3. I haven't been a big fan of metallics but i really like that! Going to be looking out for it on eBay! Do you think it's another "NM Exclusive" like the Jackie?
  4. It doesn't look like an exclusive. I think it would specify that on the page, no? Anyway... again I must say "WOW"!
  5. OH MY GOD. I will sell everything I own for that bag......I would have put silver hardware on it though, rather than the gold, but oh well....KoobaLover - are we selling our silver Lucys??????
  6. ^Ha ha. I knew you would say that! LOL
  7. Oh my, it's GORGEOUS, but girls, I still prefer your silver Lucys. They are seriously hard to beat.
  8. MMMMMmmmm...I think you might be right Mini....
  9. Ok girls...I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this Elisha.....I really wanted to find out more and ended up getting THE most knowledgeable customer rep on the phone.

    Apparently they had this Kooba in their spring catalogue. She said it must have sold out, as it has only recently been made available again. She said she thought originally it was a NM exclusive (liked the metallic Jackie they have on line, which originally stated "NM exclusive" but now it doesn't) but what most likely happened is that when they are popular sellers, they expand that color say like to Bergdorf Goodman and then they have to drop off the NM exclusive label. It doesn't mean they are available everywhere though.

    I received my NM exclusive Parker today (in gunmetal) and while I should have known....it was patent leather...waaayyyy to shiney for me. I am going to return it in Boca maybe instead of mailing it back. I will see if they have this Elisha in the store........

    So I wonder if anyone will ever have it on eBay...what do you think???? Should I wait? I would hate to miss out on this one and fat chance of me every finding some of the beautiful metallic Lucys you gals have. :okay:
  10. Well, that's more like it!! A Kooba to make us go weak in the knees:heart:
  11. That is an incredible bag. I love the Elisha style anyway, but that color is amazing!
  12. That truly is incredible. However, I agree with Mini, Joelle's silver Lucy still is the prettier bag, at least in my humble opinion.
  13. Oh My!!! I never thought there was another Fall bag that would make my Jaw drop. Stunning! But I have a Red Elsiha and I can't have 2 of that same style since I have a Devin also. I really am not a Metallic person...and if I really think about it...I'd rather have a Bronze Lucy.
    I agree...Silver hardware would have been better. But Kudos to Kooba for one more Fabulous bag ina sea of Duds this Fall.
  14. I know!!! Could you guys imagine if say the Spring line was like this? I mean, making our jaws drop, causing our hearts to go all aflutter??? FINALLY! Oh - I hope this is just the peek of things to come....but my wallet won't thank me.......I've gotta stay clear for a little bit to be honest. I will live vicariously.....:heart:
  15. I love it! But I just can't imagine popping that much for a metallic....but never say never....:confused1: