Hello! GoodBye Messages from Vicky

  1. Hello!

    I love this forum so much and I have spent many hours a day around this forum.


    When I go to the forum it made me want more new bag !!:sad: My last bag will be a denim patchwork or a denim baggy PM ( which you were kindly voted for it)

    I have spent too much on 2 months recently for bags and accessories:

    A Bottega Veneta bag in Pink for 910 GB pounds.
    An Azur Speedy 25 for 300 GB pounds.
    A Mini Lin for 345 GB pounds.
    A French Azur wallet for 260 GB pounds.
    A Azur Billfold for valentine's day for 205 GB pounds.
    A Chanel baby Cabas in white for 960 GB pounds (As I saw it on Chanel Forum)
    An Azur cles for 74 GB pounds ( As I saw John's Suhali cles and I want one :sweatdrop: )

    Together it is over 3,000 GB pounds now in 2 months :wtf: OMG!! That's too much money for me and somehow I want my money back !! :push:

    If I will be around the forum, I might have some problems :lol: as I cannot control my passions.

    OK.....I have to say Bye now and I will be back again in the nearly future :crybaby: .
    Hope someone will remember me :kiss:

    Thank you very much for all your kind answer to my threads and great choice+recommendation. PF is such a wonderful community :flowers:
  2. Awww...don't go! You can still join in without buying.
  3. aww, goodbye! don't forget us, and come back soon!
  4. :crybaby:
  5. ITA!! :yes:
  6. Thank You And I Will Come Back Soon After A Month :smile:

    I Don't Wanna Be In Debt :p
  7. you don't have to buy! i know the temptation is hard to resist, but this forum is so much fun... i seriously would go through withdrawal without this place!

    best of luck to you! i know you'll be back soon because you'll miss it too much... hehe. ;)
  8. Awww that's so sad...come back soon!!!
  9. awww don't leave!
  10. Hope you come back soon! I didn't know everyone was the tempting... :sweatdrop:
  11. See you in a month Vicky. Enjoy your Baggy. My DH wants to ban me too (from TPF).
  12. Good luck to you, but pls. do come back!:flowers:
  13. awww. you should totally stay! but if you feel it's better for you to be on a tpf ban, then go ahead. we'll all still be here when you come back! ;)
  14. See you soon Vicky (but I'm dying to see those bags you listed at the start of the thread...:tender:)
  15. omg no...lol dont go! i love your posts and you are so adorable, i'll miss you a lot. :crybaby: