Hello From UK!

  1. Hi everyone!!!!
    I'm in the UK at the moment, just visited the Manchester LV boutique today! :yahoo:

    I was served by this French man (I think) who looks like Jim Carrey! No kidding, really!

    Anyway, I bought a few goodies so here they are!


    Taken in the room of my baby brother who made us worry like Heck last year! Saw a Damier Keepall 45 in the display Manchester store! Thinking if they'd consider selling it! Also saw the new Pomme reade PM. gorgeous! Thinking if I should get it too!

    I'll be returning back to London tmr night by Virgin Trains, can anyone tell me where the London LV is? I want to get some Damier Koala agendas, Manchester LV is out of them. :crybaby:

    TIA UK tPFers!:heart:
  2. LOVE your new goodies! :nuts: Congrats!!! Enjoy your stay!!! LOL Is the "French Jim Carrey" funny??
  3. what's in the box?? so tempting~~
  4. Itsabagslife, Congrats on your MC Koala, Astropill, Cles, & Cruise scarf! They're all TDF :love:
  5. There are about 5 LVS in london .. go to louisvuitton.co.uk and you wlill find the stores , locations with maps etc HTH
  6. I love your purchases:heart:
  7. Have fun :smile:
  8. Heh, he was very nice in service, just that each time he broke out a smile, my mind just went: Jim Carrey! :p
  9. Thanks Kimmy!:heart:
  10. At first I didnt see your new purchases, then I finally figured it out and scrolled to the right of the screen...

    I love your new LV treats! So pretty and good items to have!:yes:

  11. London LV's

    Harrods (I think it has two now)
    Sloan Street
    Bond Street

    There are others but I can't remember where they are. Manchester is my store I know exactley who you mean, they are all very nice in there congrats on the new stuff. BTW is that a cruise bandana can you so a pic of it open please:angel:
  12. here is a open cruise scarf from bb10lue(i hope it's okay that i post it):


    i love and want it;) !
  13. Glamourette,

    Yup! That's the one!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. Congratulations and have fun!:nuts: