Hello from the Hermes thread...need advice!!

  1. okay I normally am only a poster on the Hermes forum......

    and I am coming over because my birkin bags and kelly bags just don't cut it for travel, easy, shopping...throw your stuff in bag...

    so I am thinking Chanel!

    I really like the Coco Cabas Chanel bag...the big squishy one...is that the name of it??

    are those really sold out? or can I go get one? how do you guys like that bag for travel, shopping, etc...the leather looks beautiful!

    I really like this one. is it hard to find? are they sold out? do they come in other sizes?


    My friend also recommended....the Grand Shopping tote....


    advice suggestions? anything?

    thanks a bunch! I know nothing about Chanel. I am a big fan of Hermes
  2. anyone?
  3. The original coco cabas with the CC's on the front isnt being produced anymore, and its really hard to find, there are the other ones like the baby cabas (i think thats what its called) that some people are still able to get their hands on, although I think they may be fairly hard to locate as well.

    The GST is not my fav other LOVE it so I dont know? Its nice but not "me" its cute for travel.

    What about the Modern Chain (not the plastic one) its really cute, IMO
  4. LOL! It was only 20 mintues Hon:flowers:
    You're a Longhorn too? DH is a Texas Ex, Hook 'Em Horns! LOL!

    I don't know about availability of the Cabas, have you checked our Shopping Forum? There's a lot of inventory threads there.
    The GST is great but much more structured.
  5. when I was in elementary school I went to a private school and at the end of the year we go certificates of what "trait" or something like that...that our teacher more thought represented us...all the other girls got love, tender, kind....I got persistence....5 years in a row.
  6. thanks for that. i did some research and i see there are baby cabas bags now in the large size in black? has quilted bottom...rather than the CC?

    so confused on this. I need a bag that can handle everyday and I don't have to worry about it. ya know?
  7. [​IMG]

    Modern Chain in glazed leather...love it.

    Stole the pic from the refernce thread, I dont have one, I was gonna get it and passed it up and still regret it...I think its gorgeous

    Hope this helps;)
  8. LOL, love that. . persistence! :biggrin:

    The M/C is gorgeous but pretty heavy.
  9. hmm. heavy isn't good when you have birkins and want to escape that sometime.

    yes persistence...made me cry every year after the ceremony but turned out to be a great interview story later in life.
  10. Hi guccigal, recognize me from the orange side?
    I'm a big old FAN of a couple brands but actually don't have my hands on any yet :sad: Seriously, in love with H and Chanel but only own Chanel makeup and Coach bags. I hate debt! LOL!!!!

    I have been actively planning on what Chanel I'm going to buy when I'm able and I really want a jumbo flap, but that's less of an every day thing. Are you looking for a squishy tote like the baby cabas or something more structured? Since you are an H gal with Birkins and Kellys, you may want to try something less structured to do something new. Actually the bronze baby cabas is AMAZING looking, I love bronze leather and it goes with so much...it looks just like the cabas you found on eBay.
    Another cool one is the sharpei.
    Here's a picture of it from Larkie's thread:

    slouchy and squishy might be your way to go for an everyday thing! Just my two cents!

    H love :heart:
  11. Yes you are exactly correct the baby cabas is the one with the stitching on the bottom. Some here are still able to locate it, so you may have luck.

    Yes Modern Chain is HEAVY, sorry bad suggestion

    Maybe you will do good with the Caviar GST bc its pretty light and soooooo durable, i have a caviar flap and never have to worry about wear and tear
  12. how about the melrose tote?
  13. baby cabas is non-heavy
  14. How about a Bottega Veneta then? :roflmfao: Kidding!

    I saw a Baby Cabas in the brand new concession here in UK so I guess there are still some of them floating around. It's light but I can't remember how secure it is, don't think it has a zip or anything?