Hello From Texas!

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  1. Hello everyone! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Kristina from TX. I love this board! So much info! Lovin' it! I have become Toki-obsessed over the past month. My friend bought a Foresta Campieggio a while back along with a few Denaros and I always loved them. I am a huge Hello Kitty fan too. So one day I was feeling really bad and I went shopping. I saw the Spiagga print in Gioco and I fell head over heals. Haha. It was love at first sight. :nuts:I went to Italy in April and saw all the girls carrying around the Pirata. (I also LOVE pirates and sculls)So I thought that was going to be the one for me. I am obsessed with Hula girls. I have Pacific Islander background and the print is so very me. Anyhoo...long story short I LOVE TOKI! I can't get enough of it. I spend hours thinking about what is going to be next. I am searching all over ebay for my next bag. I know I should enjoy the one I have but I want more!

    :confused1:Any other Toki-Texans? If so where did you get your bag? I found mine @ Metropark here at the Houston Galleria. They had Spiagga in Gioco, Zucca and Buon Viaggio along with the Pirata print but only in Zucca from what I saw. They also carry the jewelry in the store along with some of the Milk toys and I saw a few hoodies and t's. The only other place I know of is SoHo here in Houston. One off Woodway and the other in River Oaks. I am going to check Nordstroms today in the Galleria and see if they have anything. Toki is hard to find in Texas!:cursing:

    My next purchase will be:
    The Paradiso-Zucca
    Sandy Necklace
    And whatever I happen to find cheap on Ebay:yahoo:
  2. Welcome to TPF Tina :biggrin: Good luck finding a Paradiso Zucca for cheap. I can't justify getting another paradiso just cuz I'm missing my sushi boy..hmmm still lookin for a porta with him on it lol.

    but anyway, welcome! :biggrin:
  3. welcome!!! you should try getting the paradiso from the outlets, lot cheaper that way!!

    im moving to italy in few months(milano)!! any hints to where can i find toki there? i know the luisa via roma boutiques sell toki, so do the fornarina shops. other than that i have few info about it and its frustrating me.
  4. Hi, ToKiXtina. Welcome! I have also recently become Toki obsessed. I think we all know how it feels to buy one toki bag, and immediately think to ourselves, "Ok, now which one do I need?!?" :nuts: LOL And, like you, I love Hello Kitty....as you can see by my avatar.

    Welcome aboard!! This is such a fun and informative place to hang out! You're gonna :heart: it here!
  5. Hi & welcome!
  6. welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  7. Ah, a fellow Houstonian? :smile: I've seen Toki at Metropark too, but I've only made my purchases online (free ship + discount code = :heart:) and on the phone.
  8. Hey!! Well, I'm not from Texas but my dad is. He's from Austin, I think. *lol* And we have a house in this rinky dink town (that doesn't know what fruit punch is!) called Angleton, about two hours south of Austin. We've visited Texas several times before during my childhood. I was also in Texas for a couple of weeks two Novembers ago.
  9. Hi Kristina! My name is Kris and im new too!
  10. Hello! and welcome to the forum! :wlae:
  11. Welcome to the forum Kristina!!
  12. hi and welcome to TPF!
  13. Welcome ToKiXtina! :welcome: