Hello from Tahiti!!!!!!

  1. Hey girls!!! I got kidnapped last night after my birthday party.

    Location Bora Bora Nui Resort in Tahiti!!! :yahoo: I can not believe how beautiful this island is, our bungalo is right on the water!!!! :wtf: at first I was scared but now I'm okay!

    OKAY IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!!!!!! It's 8:20am here and I want to waste no time!! IS THERE A HERMES HERE ON THIS ISLAND!!!!!!! I want to do another live report!

    I need to know! I'm gonna be on here for a little bit. Internet is so expensive here $1 per minute! :wtf:
  2. How funn....!!!

    Oh no... The H Bug has bitten you reallllll badddd!!!!

    I check the Hermes website... I don't believe there's one there....*sigh* Somebody can checked it again (I might be wrong)

    Have funnn...!!! Go for a spree once you come back to NYC...
  3. Ph pls don't tell me that! I'm gonna die!!!! I have to track at least one store here that has Hermes!!!
  4. Don't think so. You are supposed to chill in a place like Tahiti. Don't bother with the pearls either, most of the places are a rip off. You can do better at the NYC jewelry exchange. Just enjoy the beach and being with the hubby.
  5. Thanks grace, I have a Mikimoto Pearls set at home that I never use. They are just not me!

    I have to find a store, something!
  6. I have to go get breakfast now, I'll check back here in a little bit
  7. Get some sarongs and bikinis and sandals:yes:
  8. HI Baggs - If they don't have an Hermes store....get all tanned, relaxed, DREAM of what other H stuff you can BUY and save the money to spend at HOME!! Have fun though, and LIVE IT UP, BABY!!:yahoo: :yahoo: You have such the LIFE!!
  9. What a gift! Hope you have a wonderful ...relaxing....vacation..:yes:

    Save H shopping for when you get back...SA's will be wondering why you are not in and maybe surprise you with something nice the next time you pop in.....

    BTW -- how long was the flight from your area ??
  10. Have fun Baggs! What an amazing hubby to surprise you with a trip like that!
  11. WOW! My all time DREAM VACATION! Have fun and take in every single moment!
  12. Thanks girls!!! I was just told by one of the guests staying here that there is a small shop in Huahine that only sell Hermes items (I guess they are resellers) I am being told that the shop is famous on the Island for having ridiculaously expensive bags (UH Like we didn't know that) I'm gonna check it out later this evening!!! We have reservations to a restaurant near by! :yahoo: Picture Time!!!!!
  13. Have a fabulous time Baggs! Can't wait to hear your report about the shop in Huahine!
  14. Baggs - how exciting!!! Just relax, check out the consignment shop and dream of your new cute Birkin. Did you bring it on the trip?
  15. How exciting - kidnapped to Tahiti.
    Relax and enjoy.