hello from paris

  1. I arrived yesterday and got lost attempting to walk to the Louis vuitton Store on Champs-Elysees. I'll try again today or tomorrow. I'm debating on what to get, either the Onatah GM, Onatah Pochette or the Zippy Wallet in either the monogram canvas or vernis.

    Any recommendations?
  2. Lucky you!!! Oh, to be in Paris right now!!! Get the Onatah Pochette in Yellow!!!:love:
  3. onatah fleur !!
  4. Definately a bag!!! A wallet is just not worthy of Paris!!!!! Unless of course, it's a new wallet, in a new bag!!!!
  5. multicolor speedy?

    onatah GM!!
  6. Thanks for the help. I'm here on business and will be heading back home on Firday.

    They have another LV on Montaigne. Maybe you can try that one? Lucky you!:P I googled the address for you.


    Good luck and have fun!
  8. Onatah fleur!!!
  9. o0o0o0o fun shopping for LV in Paris!!! i say, just get anything that you LOVE!
  10. There's also a nice LV store in the Galeries Lafayette department store, on Boulevard Haussman.
  11. Onatah Pochette, so lovely and soon to be gone. *le sob* (all Parisian style)

    Have a great time!!
  12. Get the fringe speedy!
  13. ooooooooooo!!!!! lucky you!!!!

    i'd say just GRAB whatever sets ur heart fluttering!!!!!!!!
  14. Can you let us know if they have the fringe speedy?
  15. yellow onatah GM or vernis zippy :love: