Hello from Paris, au revoir LV

  1. I just visited the champs élysees store, but it was a not really a great experience. They didnt have most of the stuff I wanted, but I got a pair of shoes. I prefer my local store, this one was very gaudy, impersonal and VERY crowded. I felt more like being in a mall than a boutique :yucky:. However the sevice was impeccable. I just dont feel the image and current designs of LV I guess and the feeling of being in a mall Las Vegas style or something like that isent really my taste at all.

    Here are the shoes I got :yahoo:


  2. so sorry thought they would have the cream of the cream on display at least being the mothership
  3. Sorry you were disappointed in the L.V. store, but I love the shoes!!
  4. its it indeed very chaotic. as if they're having a sale or something. im not so fussed because its like Mecca or the Vatican to me. but the service more than makes up for it :yes: anyway, congrats on your new shoes.
  5. i hope t0 go there soon in summer..:tup:
  6. cool shoes, congrats! Sorry you were disappointed ... but glad the service was great!
  7. Cute shoes!! Congratz!
  8. ya, it is too chaotic there. went there once and it was enough for me. the second time i went to paris, i bought it at their small and quaint store at saint germain. lovely small store and not too many people. i am going there again, and i hope my SA is still there and the items i wish to purchase is available there!

    anyway, very nice shoes!!!
  9. Blingy! :cool:
  10. congrats on the shoes
    CE wasn't busy when I last visited the store store at Lafayette was really busy though
  11. Lovely shoes, sorry that you were disappointed in the store experience.
  12. i loved the shop.. its massive and they have EVERYTHING.. and no matter how crowded it is, there's always someone to help you
  13. Nice shoes!
  14. The mother ship :nuts: Congrats :smile:
  15. Lovely shoes, sorry the experience wasn't more pleasing.