Hello from Newbie-dreaming all day

  1. Hello all,been lurking for a while, decided to come out of the shadows.I'm sure many of you can understand my current state when I say I've been daydreaming all day of my grail bag, which is a black box 35 kelly rigide with gold hw. ahh, just typing it gives me the shivers.Alas, I just started saving for her, so it will be quite I while I think before she's in my hot little hands.If anyone has a picture of 1 and wants to work me up into a frenzy, I certainly would appreciate that.I'm just a beginner collector, currently have a saddle leather cuff, a gorgeous toile de hermes scarf and one of those new bolduc twillys in the orange and brown colourway. Though small in number I treasure those orange boxes like nobody's business.Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and share my dream with you all.
  2. Welcome "weekender2!" I joined last week and I also bought my first H handbag last week. Still waiting for it to arrive....my girlfriend postponed her trip and will only be returning on Saturday. What was I supposed to say, she's already doing me a huge favour!!
  3. welcome weekender2! she is my buddy! I have known her for years! glad you have come over here to post!
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome to the World of Orange. Glad to have you here.
  6. Welcome! Great choice for your first bag!
  7. hey gg! sending cyber hug :smile:
    moto you're a fast worker, I like that. Can't wait to see your new goody and what a great friend you have.
    thank you razor, Mree and Julide!
  8. Welcome! What a lovely grail bag :heart: I hope you get her sooner rather than later.
    I'm still waiting for my first piece of H! So I kind of know how you feel, but it is true love no matter what!
  9. weekender2, welcome! :smile: Your dream bag sounds lovely. :smile:
  10. Welcome!!! Great grail bag!!! Pre-gratulations!
  11. Welcome!!! :dothewave:
  12. welcome!!!

    you have a very nice dream and remember --- dreams do come true!

    the best of luck! :flowers:
  13. welcome!
    start saving your $.. there's no going back now... :drool: lol
  14. Welcome. It seems that box is a leather that makes many people crazy!!!1
    Try to start a relationship at a store,because I was told in NYC that box is going to be hard to find(maybe a SO) in sizes larger than 30cm.
    I was also told that some of the PF members know more than the SA's! LOL