Hello from new poster to this forum!

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  1. I have been reading some of the posts here and have to say how much I enjoy all of you, already! :yahoo: I'm from the U.S. but it seems that many Mulberry lovers here are from the U.K. or other countries and I :heart: the way you all "talk"! You make me think of the dialog and expressions in Bridget Jones' Diary. :yes:

    I own two Mulberrys so far. My first purchase was a Roxanne in Oak. I used it off and on for a couple of years but now feel I am perhaps too "old" for it (I am sure I'm one of the oldest on tPF, at nearly 52!) I'm thinking of selling it or maybe giving it to my youngest girl, who will be in college next year.

    Then late last fall, I purchased a black Bayswater. I'm ashamed to say I haven't even cut off its tags yet. It's not that I don't love it - I do, how could I not! It's just that I was using other bags when I got it so it has been sitting in its dust bag on a shelf in the cedar closet. I debated endlessly (with myself!) whether to get black or oak in the Bayswater, and ended up with the black, thinking it would never, ever go out of style. But I lust after the oak Bayswater still, or another bag in Oak. It is such a great color.

    Now for my current dilemma. I've been looking for ages for the "perfect" red bag. I totally missed seeing the red Mabel when it first came out, and I've just "discovered" it! I really like the shape and size of the large Mabel ... but am I correct that the red was a fall/winter color? I don't see it on the Mulberry web site, and I don't know if I can still find one anywhere. And if I could, would I be wise to get it now, in case it never reappears? I wouldn't use it until next fall/winter, because I have my spring/summer bags chosen already (if spring ever comes here ... ) but again, I am worried I will be sorry if I miss out on the Mabel in red. It is so hard to find a really good red bag - the right size, the right shade of red, etc. - and even though I haven't seen the Mabel bag myself (because I have to mail order everything, due to living in the sticks!) I have seen photos of it and it seems like it would be perfect in both size & color.

    So ... should I take the very $$$ plunge and try to find a large red Mabel, while I still can?

    Thanks for any replies & help with my dilemma!
  2. Hi Goldenflower!! Welcome to Mulberry and all the nutcases around here!!
    You are certainly not too old for Roxanne!! No way!!
    I ony have a Black Bays, Oak Annie and recently purchased the Jody in seville. There are many members who have Roxannes and Mabels who can help you with your dliemna.
    I am in Texas, so I welcome another US member!!!
  3. Welcome goldenflower from sunny Wales.
  4. Hi, welcome to the Mulberry mad house. Here's my opinion- sell the black bayswater- you haven't used it and probably won't now. Get an oak one and a red mabel !!!
  5. ^^ Great idea Jo!!! You are on form today!! Must be driving that Mini!!!
  6. Thanks, all, for the warm welcome! :yes:

    I wonder if you're right - that I won't use the black Bayswater. But it's so classic and black works with so much, I'm reluctant to part with it. Even though I do want a bag in oak, too!

    Do you know if the red Mabel was only a fall/winter '07 bag, or if it might reappear? If Mulberry might make it again, I could feel less anxious about waiting until fall/winter '08 to get one. I doubt I'd be able to find it on sale anywhere in the U.S. but that too would be a good reason to wait.
  7. Keep the black bays , it's a classic . The red Mabel was last season. They are like goldust now , but do appear in the outlets from time to time.
  8. Welcome. I have the red mabel in a medium size. Have you checked the dimensions of the large mabel to make sure you really want this size?
  9. Hi and welcome! Don´t get rid of your oak Roxanne if you don´t want to! You can never be too old for a bag if you feel good using it!

    Red Mabel is awesome!!! That Mabel-fever...:P

    Hope you´ll enjoy it here!
  10. If you can fund more bags without selling then keep the black bays AND get an oak one then you've got all the bases covered- and then of course you'll need the red mabel for those days when you want a bit of colour!!!
    Although you are wanting a red mabel now, you never know what Mulberry may produce in the next autumn/winter collection so it's always difficult to knwo whether to wait or just to grab what you like when you see it. Not being much help am i?????
  11. No outlets here, unfortunately - I wish! :crybaby: So if I really want a red Mabel I should try to get it now, I guess. It's so much money, eep! But my birthday is in less than 2 weeks ... :angel:
  12. As aine says, check the dimensions. Think the large mabel is v big !!!!!
  13. Thank you for the welcome! I am pretty sure I want the large Mabel. I am tall and I like a bigger bag. Unfortunately, the large size isn't on Mulberry's site (only the medium and the maxi, I believe) so I haven't been able to double-check the dimensions, but before I purchase one (IF I can find one!) I will definitely do that.
  14. Thanks for the welcome! :yes: I hate to get rid of any bags, so I've been procrastinating on deciding. I did feel good using it - and got lots of compliments on it, but for some reason it seems a little young for me now. Maybe I'm finally *cough* maturing. :rolleyes:
  15. I can definitely afford a new bag - and have truly been searching for ages for the "right" red bag. I sense the oak Bayswater will be around for a while so I'm not in such a lather about it right now. The red Mabel though ... I hate to miss out! As you say, one never knows what Mulberry may produce for next fall/winter, though. If I end up liking something better, I don't plan to use the red Mabel until fall/winter anyway, so I could always sell it, I guess.

    Ha ha, I just reread what I wrote and I am quite good at rationalizing! And I finally figured out what the heck Sofa King means. :roflmfao: