Hello from Japan. A special vintage review. :) So excited!

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  1. Earlier in the year, I was desperately online searching for several Vintage stores in Tokyo to visit. I also asked the Japan forum, but it appeared to be low traffic there. Basically, it was hard to find some of these stores since they were more than likely to be tucked away up several floors or under stairwells etc. Tokyo is hard to navigate if you don't speak the language.

    So I found this particular beauty at Vintage Qoo. They also have online site. Am I allow to give shout out? Anyway, the inventory was ginormous and I was pretty oogling over several pieces and spent hours browsing.

    Excuse me for the time delay btw. There are not a lot of hot spot wifi in Tokyo.
  2. They wrapped it up nicely because it was raining like mad here.
  3. :heart:
  4. Omg I need this thread, I'm going to Japan in a week. What's the stock level like and the prices ? Thanksssssssss
  5. Nothing like lovely vintage Chanel. Ready when you are.
  6. Here! So excited for you!!
  7. I'm very excited to see! ✨✨✨
  8. Thanks for the wait guys. Japan wifi ... So hard to find.
  9. Peeking
  10. Teasing
  11. Prices are very fair. They have a lot of very special items and hard to find combination. For example a mini in pink caviar. Here is a photo I took only one of the many cabinets.
  12. :smile:
  13. ;)
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  14. Anyway. Here she is. I chose her because of the double grommets. Also she's in amazing condition. I'm so in love. She made my Japan trip even more special. 😍🤗😊
  15. WoW!