Hello from Hermes Newbie with a few questions...

  1. Hello ladies!
    I have ventured out of my comfort zone in the Balenciaga and LV forums and have come to drool at your stunning collections. I'm also trying to search for some answers but have come up short- maybe you ladies can help?
    First- is there anywhere other than the Hermes store to buy Hermes men's ties? They're stunning but maybe they do go on sale somewhere in the world, is Ebay reliable or are ties faked as well?
    Second- I have been eyeing this auction for a while eBay: HERMES Garden Party Tote Bag TPM - Birkin Alternative! (item 130038948908 end time Oct-29-06 19:39:03 PST)
    I couldn't see it in the Authenticate This thread so I apologize if I missed it there. Is it real and is it a good deal? I really want it- would you recommend it as an intro to Hermes, so to speak? I saw the "best first bag" thread but I just bought three new Balenciagas and money is tight;)
    Thanks so much- your bags are so very droolworthy!!!!
  2. Hello, Ties are sold in some of the higher end mens clothing stores, but it is rare to see them on sale. Hermes has sales 2x a year but they do not advertise so you have to find out from a friendly SA when and where.
    As far as a first great bag... the Evelyne, the Vespa, the Garden Party are great. The one you asked about looks pretty good, but maybe someone on this thread has one and they could authenticate it better. I believe these days the bags start at about $ 1,600. hope this helps. ( and yes, the ties are reproduced, or "faked" too):flowers:
  3. OMG!!! You've got H fever too?!:nuts: You know that ones you go H you can never go back, right?:graucho: And BTW, WHEN are we meeting up for that coffee, missy?;)
  4. I can't afford H fever!!! I'm trying to find a viable alternative:lol:
    Toronto TPF Meetup Nov. 11. right? And then we can plan a shopping trip to Hermes after that sometime..just to look...:graucho:
    I'm hoping that auction is the real deal but for the price, it seems too good to be true...
  5. That is a good idea, if the pictures are of the actual bag that you get, it does look good. There is a little more production and availability of this style, that may be why it has a lower bidding price:flowers:
    ...I hope you find one you like, and can start your addiction with!:nuts: :lol:
  6. Woohoo stylefly - LV addict and I will rub off on you - we gotta have more H ladies in Canada (hmmm, maybe so they can open a boutique in AB so I don't get stuck paying PST elsewhere!!)

    We're defintely making an H stop at the GTG (I figure a big group of us gals can convince the SAs to bring out a black Kelly or gold Birkin for me in hiding!!) It's quite close to the LV, Chanel, etc...
  7. I love the H store here in Toronto, they are always so sweet! I was just there today looking at ties for the hubster...
  8. Hmmm, I just checked the link and looked at the seller's FB. Most of it is good (but that doesn't mean anything really)... she's not on the recommended sellers list here, and if you check page 7 of her FB, there's a couple of fake Hermes comments... I'd probably stay away - wouldn't want to be out $500.
  9. Welcome to the dark side, Stylefly!!! :yahoo:
  10. :devil: Excuses, excuses,......WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE STYLEFLY!!!!!, MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!:devil: :mad:
  11. Welcome to the dark side! (Health warning: once you get started, there is no turning back).

    3 new Balenciagas? Sell them, return them, whatever. Then use the money for your first H bag. Garden Party or even an Evelyn. All worth it!
  12. Welcome to this subforum! The ties have been faked, but there is a way to tell if they are authentic. Anyone want the tip, just PM me. Sorry I will answer only regular members so as not to feed the counterfeit industry.
  13. Hi there and welcome to the dark side ;)!

    That Garden Party bag on ebay is a 100% fake. Sorry.
  14. PHEW! Thanks so much for saving me. I knew the price seemed too low but sometimes you get lucky...I don't want to risk getting a fake for my first Hermes!
    I am definitely not at the point of shedding Balenciagas...I am hopelessly in love with them. I think that I will wait for the perfect vintage Kelly to pop up on Ebay for my initiation into your Hermes Cult- WHOOPS- I meant club;)
    I am going to PM about the ties...
  15. Is the reason you say it is 100% fake because of the feedback on EBAY or because there is something in the ebay posting that specifically shows you that the bag is a fake.