Hello from Gilroy, CA

  1. Hi, I live in Gilroy so I go to the Factory store quite often. I occasionally go to the flagship store at the mall at check out Macys too. I was tickled to see Gilroy in a thread here.
    I saw that they are carrying some classic mini signature items and hope they begin to carry some of the C bags too. I am impressed by the selection at the new outlet store.
    Yesterday I asked the sales associate if I could take a look in the back but she told me no. :confused1: She did crack up at my request though.

    My behavior changes a little in Coach. For instance there was one gold tote left and another gal had claim to it. I watched her go to pay and there was a delay and I asked my friend "did her credit card get declined maybe?"
    So it brings out the best (and worst) in me!
  2. Hey prcheney, fellow Gilroyan here too! The new Coach outlet is huge and much nicer than it used to be, check out the Michael Kors outlet too, they have a decent selection of his bags for an outlet store, not bad $ either.
  3. Hi there and welcome!