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  1. hi ladies! just wanted to check in with all of u and see what's new! i'm currently in buenos aires (just arrived this morning!) and wasted NO TIME heading straight for hermes!! oooo lalalalalalallalala!!! there were birkins and kellys everywhere!!!! was i dreaming???? SITTING ON THE SHELVES IN PLAIN VIEW FOR EVERYONE TO SEE: 30cm blk togo birkin GH, 30cm rouge H togo birkin GH, white JPG PH (in the window), 35cm gold togo birkin GH, AND a 35cm chocolate BOX birkin with potiron piping and potiron chevre mysore lining PH.....OMG OMG OMG!!! i nearly fainted!!! it took me nearly all of 5 seconds to tell hubby "I WANT IT!!!!!" muhahahahahhaahaha!!!! then i contemplated on getting the gold birkin as well, but had SIL with me and saw her eyeing it too. didn't want to seem greedy, so i just let her model it in the mirror, thinking she'd turn it down. next thing i know, she was deciding on either the 30cm rouge or the 35cm gold. she ended up with the gold birkin cause the sz fits her daily needs better. oh well....i'm happy it went to her then. this is soooo exciting!!!!! we're touring the rest of argentina tomorrow and won't be back to buenos aires again till next week. my SA informed us that ANOTHER shipment will be in by then so whoooohooooo......perhaps another birkin might be in the works??!!!

    moviegirl: u interested in the 30cm rouge H birkin???
  2. Oh my...good think I am drinking tea tonight and not wine...I might be booking an airline ticket to Argentina! What a fun experience! Oh, that gold 35 is on my "list"...

    Hope I read your post correctly...you purchased the chocolate box??? OMG, that also sounds amazing! Congratulations!
  3. Isn't the BA Hermes store the best? I bought my 25 Chevre Birkin there - and a bracelet too!

    Make sure you dine in Puerto Madero - I recommend Cabaña Las Lilas. Also go to Recoleta (see the cemetary - very cool) and of course, make sure to see at least one Tango show!

    Enjoy BA and bring home lots of gorgeous bags!!!

  4. wow!! congrats !! are the prices there comparable to the US ? or more expensive ? would like to know. thanks !
  5. Unbelievable! Congrats and enjoy your trip. OOOOooohhh and don't forget to take some pics of your new H things for us.
  6. sorry, i have another question..could you ask next week when you are in the store again, if they ship birkins or kellys ? or does anyone in the forum know ? TIA....
  7. PBC ~ What A Fabulous Trip!!!!!! You Must Be Having The Best Time!!! :party:

    I Think I Would Have Walked Into Hermes & Just Fell Over :upsidedown:

    I Look Forward To Hearing More Very Soon!!!!!!

    Congratulations & Have The Most Fabulous Trip!!!:flowers:
  8. Congrats, have fun, and we need pics!!!!
  9. Wow!!! Can't believe what kinda loot BA has just sitting around! That choc box birkin with potiron lining and piping sounds just dreamy. I'm so happy for you! Congrats!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. OMG!!! This sounds like a dream holiday, & a dream store...:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Walking into one & seeing Birkins displayed everywhere! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Have fun, & post pics when you hit home!! :smile:
  11. Yeah! This reminds me of Birkinbaby & hermesBB's birkins - Birkin 30cm in Chocolat box calf with cyclamen piping & lining! :heart:
  12. OMG, PBC! you need to post pics as soon as you can! this is exciting for you!

    and it's your first birkin! the brown BOX with potiron piping is just unique and rare! good choice!

    i'm so happy for you!
  13. Nice loot! and it's only the first day!
    Congrats!! to you and SIL!
  14. OMG! You and your SIL are so lucky!!! Good to hear your first day was already a blast
  15. hi lisa!!! yes yes yes !!! we did the cemetary today...even though it rained! saw eva peron's mosoleum....sorry, did i spell that right? that was pretty cool. took pictures and all...strange cause i've NEVER taken pics in a cemetary before! it was all so fascinating yet creepy at the same time. we also just got back from a fabulous dinner at cabana las lillas!!! our wonderful hermes SA recommended it to us and it was also suggested in the frommer's guide book! GREAT CHOICE!!!!!!!! we ate like pigs and the bill was soooooooo cheap considering we ate nothing but the best entrees! tomorrow, we're off to see some waterfalls 1.5 hr away by plane. then a few more other cities and back to BA on the 15th. i'm sooo excited. i have been thinking about my new birkin all night long and don't think i can sleep now!!
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