Hello from Australia

  1. Hello all the purse and handbag lovers out there...

    Quick browse of the topics and its great.. Glad I signed up!!
  2. hi and welcome! :biggrin:
  3. Hi RoseMary, nice to meet you... where are you from? I'm trying to write up an introduction about myself and post.. struggling.. hehe
  4. Hey fellow Aussie, I am pretty new here too, where are you located? I am in sunny Perth !!
  5. Hi and welcome !
  6. Whoops, double post. :shame:
  7. Hello!!!
  8. Hi
    I am from Aus too:biggrin:
  9. Hi chanlis, WELCOME!:P V
  10. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Welcome to the purseforum! :biggrin:

    Btw, I want to warn you, we're ALL ENABLERS!! :biggrin: