Hello from a RM and tPF newbie!

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first ever post on tPF and I'm excited to be doing it at the RM forum (I've been obsessively reading this forum for last couple of weeks--its all been very exciting!). I'm a little nervous actually writing here, haha but I decided to post today since I've just recieved my first ever RM bag. Actually I got two at once! I bought both bags on eBay from Haute Okole (who I've noticed is also a tPF member!) after I stumbled on this RM forum (after which I could not get these beautiful RM bags out of my head). But here is my dilemma: I really can only afford to keep one RM bag :crybaby: since keeping two is out of my budget. So here are the two that I got: The dark grey MAB and the glazed espresso Matinee. Which one should I keep (and thus gets a nice home in my closet) and which one should I give up (and its going right back out on eBay)?



    As of this moment, I think I'm leaning towards the MAB. Please let me know what you think! Thank you!!
  2. Hello Hello! You cant possibly ask me to choose between those two bags! They are gorgeous! You have superb taste! The Matinee works so well in the Glazed Espresso and the MA is a favorite of mine in the Dark Gray! However, if I HAD to choose, I would go with the MA because of the classic appeal and simple lines. Even so though, the Matinee has a lot of pockets and if you are all about convenience, it will be a great bag for you. Can you keep both? LOL, I know, I'm not helping you here!
  3. If I were you I would keep the dark grey MA. Welcome!
  4. Hi and welcome! I'd keep the second one!
  5. I have the second one, and the first in Emerald, but find the Matinee much more useful because of its pockets. It's a bit heavier than the MA though, so that's one drawback. It's really how you use your bags!
  6. Welcome. And wow! :crybaby: is right. They're both so beautiful. For me personally, the MA is the perfect bag, although I love the Matinee too. Also, I love the gray and have way to many brown bags already, so I'd vote for the grey MA. But which one suits your wardrobe, use and style better? Would gray or brown go better with your wardrobe? Do you prefer the functionality of the many pockets in the Matinee?

    It's a tough choice since you have 2 such beautiful bags. Good luck! I know you'll love the bag you decide to keep.
  7. Wow, a newbie and right out of the box you score two of the most beautiful bags! Congrats! I personally would keep the MA. I think the shape is timeless and the color is amazing. It will go with everything, dressy and not. I think the matinee in that color may be a little more casual.
    I'm curious - how's the leather on the espresso? Is it thin and smooshy, or thicker and more substantial. I had a glazed almond one that I didn't much care for the leather. It was very stiff (and to be honest, smelled fishy! I returned it!) and the bag didn't collapse at all, so it seemed very large. My new matinee in black is very soft and collapses down.
    Whatever you decide, you'll have a beautiful bag!
  8. well do u wear more silver or gold? cause if you where more silver and black i would go with the dark gray. but if you are more neutral and where more gold.. and browns. i would go with the matinee. :smile: there both beauties though!!
  9. Hello again, thanks so much for all your replies! You guys have helped me make my final decision: I'm going with the grey MAB! (I think it was that last comment from mlo918 that was the cincher cuz my closet is almost all black!). Thanks again and I'm so excited to use my new MAB for the first time today! :yahoo:
  10. Welcome to tPF and the RM forum! I think you made a wise choice - I have a dark grey MAB - and it's definitely one of my faves!
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum,

    Both bags are lovely! I didn't go with a Matinee, although I think they're beautiful, because I can't quite fit as much into it as I can the MAB. I have MAB's in Grey, Tomato, and Emerald. I often receive compliments on the shade of grey in the MAB -- it's distinctive and goes with pretty much everything.
  12. Also, want to add - this bag wears well with constant use. I've really used and somewhat abused mind and it still looks great with no water stains, dirt marks or discoloration. You've made a great choice, and have excellent taste! Both the wine and grey colors are stunning. Enjoy!

  13. Ooh, beautiful picks for your MAB's! I love the grey, tomato, and emerald colors immensely! You are right about the dark gray; it totally goes with everything!
  14. so glad u decided on the grey mab.. my wardrobe always makes my decisions on what color bag i need, lol. ur gonna love it! glad we can help!! :smile:
  15. Hello and welcome! Tough choice! I like both of them, they are gorgeous. I will say lately I have been obsessing on the glazed expresso matinee :love: so...I guess that would be my choice. The morning after is a fabulous bag though and the dark grey is very popular. :shrugs: