Hello from a newbie

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  1. Hello!

    Some of you may have seen me on the Mulberry forum. I'm here because BE have caught my eye (and frankly I'm not so keen on Mulberry's new styles or their new prices) so I've spent a couple of days lurking here and spending many hours gazing longingly at the pics on the BE website :tup:

    I've narrowed it down to a WTM midi because I don't have anything with a messenger strap and I think the regular size is a bit too large. But there aren't any left on the web and I can't see it listed as a SS09 style (only the larger one).

    Is it true that I could contact BE and ask them if they have any midis, because there's a chance they will? And is it true that a January sale is looking unlikely?

    So many questions - any tips much appreciated!
  2. I can see a red WTM Midi sitting available on the BE Website if you are a bold red-lover. BE is being very non-committal about whether there is going to be a sale or not and when. Quite a few people want to know!
  3. :welcome:Welcome! The WTM in red is so pretty. Its a perfect shade of red, similiar to lipstick red.
  4. Welcome to the BE forum, Watch! The lovely Belinistas are a wealth of info - I know they will be able to help you any way they can. (I'm still learning too!)
  5. Welcome to BE!
    Yes you can always email Rose or Jackie and they can give you advice and tell you what's available. (The email addresses are Jackie @ belenechandia.com and Rose @ belenechandia.com )

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  6. Hi and welcome! You could always join the chocolate crash wtm/wtm midi bespoke as Contessa suggested. I know there will soon be some black glossy leather wtm's available. What colors are you interested in?
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    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    Hi! I'm pretty sure there are some WTM midis in the S/S range. Rose says this in post 7 of the Unveiling BE Spring range sticky...

    Additionally WTM Midi is available in Matte Tan, Matte Taupe Grey, Cobalt Sheen, Pink Sheen, and Chocolate Sheen.

    Charmed05 - Your TME midi in choc glossy cervo/pebbled (whatever it is called :confused1:) is so HOT. I love it!
  8. ^ Thanks for pointing that out morebags, I hadn't noticed.

    Sorry girls, I'm really looking for a summery bag so I can't go for the chocolate!

    The more I think about it, the more I want something in light grey (it was Contessa's pics of her TMA that won me over!). I didn't have any summery coloured bags at all, until I bought my fuschia Mulberry Mabel in the sale. I need something else now :graucho:

    I'm also considering the Stroke Me. It's quite different from my usual style (I tend to go for structured rather than slouchy bags) but I think it would look great in the summer.

    Hmm, lots to think about. Thanks for the lovely welcome!
  9. Watchthestars, you're a sweetie! :heart:

    I really like my light grey sheen TMA. The leather is amazing. Whatever the style, I know you'll love the leather! I can't wait to wear mine during my next weekend getaway!
  10. I have a WTM midi and it is my favourite BE style I also have a couple of Mulberry messanger bags but I far prefer my BE. There is a dark grey SM on ebay at the moment!
  11. I too am normally on the Mulberry site, but ventured into BE territorial recently. Whilst I had problems receiving my order and had lost enthusiasm for my long awaited BE bag, I now absolutely love it. The leather is softer and more slouchy than Mulberry, whilst the hardward is supplied by the same supplier as miu miu.

    My first BE was WTM Midi in black glossy - so a pebbled effect leather. This is an excellent bag, for placing on the shoulder, crook of the arm or messenger style - thought all the straps would get in the way but they dont. Now looking for another in a bright summery colour - maybe pink!

    I would definitely recommend the style.
  12. Numnut, you have excellent taste! :smile:
  13. Hey there- another one from the Mulberry forum!!!! i got a wine 'take me everywhere' midi for xmas and it's gorgeous. So easy and comfy to carry and lighter than most of my mulberries (i love the heavy darwin bags). It's great to have a bag that can go on the shoulder and can be carried messenger style. go for it!!!
  14. Wellcome!
    You won't go wrong with WTM midi!! It's my favorite style and great when you go to "town". You don't bump into people with it and can relax! Actually any colour or leather type will suit this style, so you just pick out what you like!