Hello Fellow Chloè Enthusiasts!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just wanted to introduce myself..... As you can see, I'm new on here and I just wanted to say hello here rather than randomly dropping in on another thread!

    I'm Sofia- a Chloè fanatic/obsessive/addict -(whatever you want to call it!) who spends waaaaaaay too much of her life lusting after these amazing bags!

    At the mo, I only have 2 Paddies which I absolutely love to death (a bit too much some might say!!!) but I plan to add many, many more to my small, yet beautiful collection!

    Looking forward to chatting to you all!


  2. Welcome to the forum:welcome:
    I have been many times to Manchester. There are some good shops there. It has gone a bit downhill with me when all I notice is shops:lol:
  3. oh welcome
  4. Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to chatting and sharing this wild obsession for Chloé bags with you, too!
  5. #5 Aug 6, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
    Welcome! You're in the right place here, we are all in love with our Chloe bags! :nuts:

    What coulour paddingtons do you have? I love the paddington, it's my favourite Chloe style, although I'm starting to branch out a bit and try the other styles now, they're all so good!
  6. Hi!

    I have the Tan and Craie Paddingtons.......So beautiful :smile: And even though I'm obsessed with the whole padlock feature, I'm now on the lookout for an Edith? Maybe in whiskey, or the beige colour....similar to Craie? :smile: I'd also looooove a paddy in whiskey too. Aargh! What to go for next!??!?!

    Yep, Manchester is fab. Selfridges, Harvey Nicks and House of Fraser, .....oh, and the Trafford Centre which is also great. :smile:
  7. So many colour options for paddies, it's wonderful!!! :drool: I never know which one I want next, too many choices!

    I have an Edith in black, but I really love them in whiskey too, they are breathtaking.

    Tan and craie are great colour choices, and I think whiskey would be a prefect addition :graucho: I'm such an enabler! :P
  8. I thought I was content just having the 2 paddies that I've got now and even though I LOVE THEM COMPLETELY..........I want more. Think this is going to become a full blown addiction.......! You're right........breathtaking is exactly what they are........Funny how bags can make you so happy!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. P.s Forgot to say thanks for the welcome ladies :smile:
  10. Welcome, as you know, it's so easy to become obsessive over Chloe.:yes: You are at the right place to share your love for these bags.
  11. Welcome to TPF and good luck with your addiction! joining us here won't help but it sure is tons of fun!
  12. Welcome to TPF! The ladies on here are awesome!
    Please post pics....... :graucho:

  13. As soon as my camera is charged I'll get them posted! :yes:
  14. :welcome2: