Hello everyone...

  1. I'm new to louis vuitton. I haven't bought anything yet :shame: , so I need your help. Basically, I get my tax return back this week and I get paid this week at work. :love: I have wanted a Louis Vuitton for awhile specifically the mono speedy 25. However, I do have a burberry chester haymarket bag that is the "speedy" shape just with the check and the horseman all over it. At the time I looked at LV but I didn't buy it because it is so popular and extremely faked. The burberry cost the same as the LV 25 give or take a few. I bought it in Rome! Good times.
    My question is this, I really want the matching burberry rainboots, but I also want something from Louis Vuitton. I was thinking about getting the mini speedy sac (I looked it up on the purse forum) and the rainboots. I was thinking this because I see the mono speedy everywhere. I like the damier but, it has the similar check pattern as my burberry (in the sense they both look like checkerboards). If I got the mini sac and the rainboots I would still have money left over and still have a LV. If I got a speedy 25, I would have no money left (tax return) over and I could always buy my rainboots another time. What would you do? It there other bags you would suggest. Trying to stay in the speedy price range. Thank you so much. :heart:
  2. i think if the rainboots dont mean that much to you, get the speedy 25!
    it is a great bag, and so what if its faked??
    at least YOU know you have a real one!
    also, if you decide against the speedy, the mono mini sac is a great bag, and i have it in MC!
    you cant go wrong either way!
  3. the speedy will be too similar in shape to your burberry, no? why not a pochette if you want something LV ?
  4. I totally agree, I think the mini sac HL is too small but the pochette is a great buy and you can choose from many different leathers :smile:
  5. The petite noe is also close in price to the speedy! It has a completely different shape and is utterly lovable!
  6. I agree with getting a pochette and the rainboots, but the speedy is such a beautiful and stunning statement piece! There is always next year for the rainboots. Plus, even if others do have fakes, yours will be authentic and age beautifully over time. You may want to ask yourself how much use you'll get from the rainboots and if you love them as much as the speedy.
  7. I personally don't like 'regular' speedies with the canvas lining, but I must say that rainboots are still no match for Louis Vuitton!!!!! lol (even if they're from Burberry) :biggrin:
  8. I understand your concern, but you seem to have wanted a speedy for a long time......so I'd say get it. I don't know how you are, but me if I have my mind set on smg for a while.....it means my heart truly wants it.
    All that matters it that YOU know it's real, that it will last very long and age beautifully, and that there are a lot more ppl who differenciate real from fake than what we think...
    But if you want other suggestions of mono, handheld, in the same price range I'd say : Lockit, Papillon 26, Poppincourt (assuming you'll get your boots another time !!)
    tell us what you decide !!
  9. i think the mini sac is probably too small for an everyday bag. get the mono speedy 25! before i got one i thought the same thing as you but i love it so much that i don't even worry about what people think anymore, it's beautiful bag that i think looks good with anything you would choose to wear!
  10. it sounds like you really want the rain boots so i say get them first, then get a smaller LV piece. if you dont like mono or damier then maybe a mc pochette? or something small from the vernis line?
  11. With the price lowering what about a BH or BV....very different, but very nice!
  12. yummy! bh!

    but i am all for a first timer to get a speedy!
    its a lovely bag, for life! and the *best* first bag, I think!
  13. wow! Thanks everyone, I'm going to look up the suggestions and then post my decision at a later time. I really appreciate the help.

  14. Which ones are those? I looked and I can't find those on eluxury.
  15. Search for Batignolles Horizontal and Batignolles Vertical :smile: