Hello everyone.....

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  1. Hello everyone. I am totally new to this site so I am not really knowledgeable enough about hermes' and other designers. Can anyone educate me about birkins? I have not own one but would love to. How much is the price and etc. As for waiting list, I have registered my name before but has not bought any birkins at all.

    Seems like this site is interesting. :amuse:
  2. Look through the threads in the Hermes subsection this is in :biggrin: There is a LOT of birkin information. The prices vary greatly depending on material/size etc. Was there anything in particular you wanted to know?
  3. Welcome! See the two top threads with "stickies" at the top. If there's anything else you'd like to know after reading, just ask!
  4. Thxs everyone. The Hermes' Informative Catalogue and the other one is the Hermes' Knowledge right?
  5. Yup! :smile:
  6. Hi, everyone. Okay...I've gone to the section that all of you recommend me. There are definitely so many different names of colours and materials. I know that to get a birkin reuires at least 2 years of wait and if it's a limited edition one, it'll be longer.

    So, I just wanna ask, websites like ebay, others and certain shops do sell birkins and we can get them faster. May I know where do these resellers get the birkins from because some birkins are newly stamped such as in 2005 and 2006? Why would ladies sell off their birkins when it's supposed to be an investment? If it's a vintage and old, I can understand but some are so new. Websites that sell authentic birkins, how come there's no end to the number of birkins that they had?
    Where does the birkins come from?

    Educate me on this. Thank you.
  7. Hi femina, these resellers usually get their bags from a network of Hermes customers who are able to get on the list multiple times. In return, they are paid a fee by the reseller...which is why there is a huge mark-up.

    I think some of these resellers could also be Hermes customers & got some of the bags themselves.
  8. May I know what is the best colour for my first birkin? I don't want black or white. My wardrobe is mainly black cos' of work and white gets dirty easily. I read the Hermes' Informative Catalogue and was told there's a new colour called Blue Roi. Seems nice, a bright royal blue. I also love rouge vif, fuschia, thalassa-mediteranean sea blue, classic orange and rouge. Vert Anis Green seems gorgeous too. What about all you? What's your pick?
  9. I love vert anis and chartruse green. How about Blue Jean? I prefer it to blue roi, except on exotics. My favorite reds are Rouge H and Rouge Vif.
  10. Femina...spend a few more days reading on here and you will learn so much and I guarantee you will change your mind on what color you want every day. I know I flop back and forth after I read more and more and talk to everyone. Have fun!
  11. Welcome femina. I recommend you to go to a Hermes store and ask for the color and leather catalog. That will give you an idea of what colors are available and how they look in different leathers.

    As for your first Birkin, I personally like, orange, rouge, blue jean and fuschia!

    Fuschia is fabulous and GORGEOUS!
  12. Thxs everyone. La Vanguardia....I think yours is a fantastic idea. I will go to Hermes' store today to check out the colours. Gives me a better idea.