Hello Everyone!

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  1. You guys seem to have a lot of fun and are super nice on this forum...I hang out at Coach, but I was checking out Chanel and there are lots of snarky comments made on there! I am not interested in that!

    So I am glad to see some more nice people out there...

    I am someday going to own an Hermes...:-/
    I will be pulling in a lot of cash when I am in Iraq and I want to put that hard earned money to good use. I will probably try to find some vintage Chanel when I visit Paris on my RnR, and DH said he would help me out with that quest as a present...

    But an Hermes.
    oh, my holy grail.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone and I look forward to your recommendations for what I should look forward to getting, and just getting to know you all!:heart:
  2. Hi Candace - welcome :smile:
  3. Hi Candace

    Welcome I love Chanel also , and my SA admires my patent cc bag when I go into Hermes so I think its nice that we are not blinkered by one brand

    However Hermes is well special!

    Try not to worry about typed messages in forums its easy for people to do things to upset other as they are not accountable in the cyber world ,
    so pinch of salt and all that
  4. Hi and welcome Candace!
  5. Welcome Candice ;) Do you have any ideas what style you like ? or colors?
  6. Welcome Candace, and thanks for your comments. Good luck on your Holy Grail.
  7. Welcome, Candace. :smile:
  8. Hi Candace! I used to hang out on the Coach board too. The ladies on the H side are great! Welcome!
  9. Well, who doesn't want a Birkin? Or a Kelly?
    All of my Coach bags are hardware laden as I like that style and think it gives the leather an edgy look in certain instances, or their signature fabric of course....
    so I want something rather minimalist.
    I would really like something in an exotic skin but a nice leather would do.
    Hehe, does anybody else think of the red Birkin Samantha Jones paid for when she was lucy liu's agent in Sex and the City? HAHA!!! I love that episode.

    I also think a pochette would be rather nice. I have a lot of large bags but that tends to be my style...

    thanks for the nice welcome everyone!!!! :smile: It will be awhile before I can get my Hermes but it will be well worth it when I do!
  10. ^^btw I read one of those threads on another forum you were referring to and I was like :wtf: I've hung out on the H side for months and never seen any fights like that! Not dogging that other board or anything, but the ladies are just so nice here :love: they make you feel so welcome!
  11. Welcome Candace!
  12. Welcome to the H side!!! It's a dangerous place to be, but we are so happy you joined us! Let us know if you have any questions at all!
  13. Welcome!!
  14. Welcome to the orange side, Candace!
  15. Welcome to the H board Candace!
    We are glad you are here!
    Hurry home from Iraq and come to the orange side!