Hello everyone!

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  1. My name is Lisa and obviously, I'm from Oregon ... Beaverton to be more specific. Danica invited me to come and post in this forum. I've been over at the Hermes section for a few weeks obsessing about H bags and Victoria Beckham! Good to have a break!

    Anyway, thought I would share about my little ones. My Avatar is a photo of my 15 yr old daughter Taylor holding our little girl Pasha. She was a Pomeranian but had hair loss due to Alopecia X, so she had an unbelievable designer wardrobe (she is wearing Juicy Couture in the photo). She passed away last August from two forms of cancer, T-Cell Lymphoma, and more specifically, Cutaneous or Epitheliotrophic Lymphoma. Additionally, the lump in her tongue was Plasma Cell Lymphoma. Losing her still hurts me, but I know we did everything we could to help her and keep her comfortable. Anyone struggling with Lymphoma can find unbelievable support here: LymphomaHeartDogs : Lymphoma Dogs in Chemotherapy

    Now after a lengthy grieving process, we have adopted another rescue dog, Einstein! He is the little boy below. 1 1/2 yrs old and only 4 lbs. He became a rescue dog because he broke his leg while with his "backyard breeder". They didn't bother to wrap his poor leg or take him to the vet. They called our local Pom rescue and said to either come get him or they will put him down. She came, made them sign away all their rights to him, and whisked him away to her doctor. He has had 3 surgeries to finally fix him. Much damage to his leg by the breeders caused this. Now he has two plates and a fused wrist.

    We adopted him two weekends ago and we are in love! What a happy little boy! Totally in love with my daughter (Pasha was in love with me). We call him Einey for short (Einey with the tiny hiney!). He is learning to use his stairs to get down from beds and the couch.
  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. However, I am happy you were able to rescue such an adorable dog!
  3. I'm so glad you posted. Your babies are so adorable, I have a soft spot for little poms. I can't imagine going through what you went through with Pasha, i'm sure it was heartbreaking, but sounds like she had an amazing mommy throughout the whole ordeal.

    Einstein is a little doll too! I'm glad he now has a loving home far away from that horrible backyard breeder! He can now have all the luxuries he deserves!
  4. Melly: Thank you! We do miss our girl. But I think the timing was right to find Einey. I had been lurking on the Pom rescue website for a little while. Einstein just leaped out at and grabbed our hearts!

    Danica: Thanks again for the invite! I am still tender about losing Pasha but I do have some experience to share. Hope no one else has to go through this trauma. Einey has brought joy back into our too quiet home and we are just loving him rotten!
  5. Hi Lisa and Einstein! (I love how you call him "Einey!")

    I'm so sorry to hear about your losing Pasha. She was so fortunate to have had a Mom like you!!!

    My eyes are all teary from reading your post--it's so wonderful how loving and compassionate you are!!! You made my day.

    I love Poms too--they are so intelligent and adorable! My brother used to marvel over my little Pom, Caleb--he was fascinated by how intelligent Caleb was! My brother used to say, "His brain can't be any bigger than a walnut--it must be incredibly efficient!" I laughed when I read that your dog was named Einstein--how perfect!!!

    I'm so happy to hear that you have rescued little Einey--CONGRATULATIONS to you, Einstein and your family!!!
  6. SnowWhite: You are very kind! We feel fortunate to have doggie love in our home. We shower them with love like they give to us! :love:
  7. Aaaaww! He's ssssoooo cute!!!!

    Wish I had a little hiney!:p
  8. I can't believe I forgot to mention how CUTE Einstein is!!!!!
  9. I've had about 3 dogs at a time my whole life! I like little packs. They've all been little angels for a short time on earth.

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Working with former breeder dogs is a labour of love - poor animals spending their whole life in a cage, with paws that hurt from the cage floor, never knowing hands that pet or love.

    Bravo for your work with this new little boy. The love he gets with you comes from a place that started with Pasha.

    Hugs for you both! :heart:
  10. I remember reading about your story when Pasha died and saw tons of pics...she looks like she was a sweetheart and im happy youve re-opened your heart...if my baby dies I dont know if ill be strong enough..kudos to you and your family :smile: (Einey is soooo cute!)
  11. It's wonderful that you honor Pasha by giving a very deserving little boy a loving home. I just want to strangle people who treat their animals that way.

    We adopted a rescue Boxer 2 weeks ago and he's a very happy boy, too. How forgiving and loving they are!
  12. So sorry to hear about your loss - and about poor Einstein's ordeal! How wonderful for this little fellow to have been adopted by your family! He's very cute!
  13. Beautifully put as always :smile:
  14. This is a wonderful act of kindness and I think you will each bring each other joy!

    I lost my first dog in extremely traumatic circumstances, and while I don't regard loss as something to be gotten over, rather it should be lived with, the light came back when I collected a very sad little white 10-week-old mongrel, and made him a happy (in fact totally spoiled) boy! He's 2 years old now and completely out of control!

    You are about to have an amazingly happy time.
  15. So sorry for your loss *hugs*
    hold onto all the wonderful memories you had and enjoy the new ones you'll have with Einstein :smile: