Hello everyone :-) Which Clutch... Please Help!

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Which Clutch??? Please Help!

  1. Legacy Colorblock Brass/ Multi Navy Lg Clutch

  2. Legacy Haircalf Colorblock Lg Clutch

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  1. I've been browsing the Coach forum lately... Which by the way was my first love...
    I'm usually on the LV forum nowadays, but am slowly being drawn back to Coach! So I would Love your Lovely Coach expertise on this one... I can't decide between these two! The thing is I'm going out of town and would rather pick it up, the thing is i'll have to drive 1 1/2 hr away tomorrow to pick up the Navy one that's on hold for me which I think is the floor model. I was told it's in really great shape though. ((I can't get both at the moment + I only have 1 coupon to use)) So I really need all your help...Thanks!!!

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  2. Love both.. But I'd have to say the one on the left.
  3. Thanks Bag Fetish
  4. I loveee the haircalf! You can't go wrong with that- the colors are stunning and it's such a versatile piece
  5. I love both, but the haircalf is my favorite.
  6. Haircalf!
  7. The haircalf is beautiful but you have to take care of it.

    What kind of coupon do you have? Mine was good for 25% off the whole order.
  8. I was so in love with the colorblock one but when i see it in person, it looks a bit monotonous.. I love the right one, just my opinion :P
  9. I think the haircalf is more exotic and interesting looking.
  10. the colorblock will soon be out in more colors, too. fuchsia/navy and black/navy.
  11. I think mine is as well! I wish I could get both...I might but I was going to only get one so I can have more money on my trip.
  12. True I love the Fucshia one but wonder why I couldn't find it anywhere...lol
  13. I agree!
  14. I vote the haircalf and that's the one I ordered for myself as well!
  15. I'm sorry my view is one above the other... I assume you prefer the haircalf one?Thanks so much for your input... I'm sure I'll know as soon as I see them both... The problem is I have to drive a long way to see both together.